Wood Mosaic: What It Is, How to Apply and Models

Wood Mosaic: What It Is, How to Apply and Models
    Wood Mosaic: What , How And Models
    Wood Mosaic
    We know that the coatings market is always investing in innovation and beauty, as in the case of wood mosaic . Always looking for new alternatives that meet the needs of architects, engineers and all those passionate about decoration and interior finishes .
    In this way, knowing each type of coating is crucial to ensure a good choice when it comes to building or major remodeling. And, thinking about it, we've created this complete guide for you to learn all about wood mosaic!

    Learn why this coating needs to be part of your home, what are the benefits and learn to apply quickly and easily! Follow all of the following information:

    What is wood mosaic?

    The mosaic of wood is nothing more than small pieces of wood fixed to a base - a plaque - forming the mosaic design. Being a coating of the highest quality, besides providing an impeccable finish.

    Benefits of Wood Mosaic

    The benefits of using wood mosaic as a coating for your decor go beyond the aesthetic. The durability, endurance and sustainability involved in the production process also counts:


    The wood mosaic is a high quality product that provides a beautiful and sturdy finish for any environment. Its structure is resistant to weather, except in very hot places where the wood can be exposed for a long time in the sun - after all, we are still dealing with wood.

    Sustainable product

    Most of the companies that produce the wood mosaic provide the forest renovation of the material used. In addition, there are those who make the mosaics from the demolition wood.

    In this way, sustainability is maintained as soon as one reuses a material that, for the most part, would only be discarded in nature.

    How to apply wood mosaic?

    Keep in mind that because we are dealing with wood, the best way to enjoy your wood mosaic is to apply it internally. It can be used in balconies, for example, as long as it is protected from weather degradation (rain, sun).

    Preparing the wall

    The first step to applying your wood mosaic is to prepare the wall well. To do this, close any cracks, holes and cracks that may be eminent on your wall.

    Your wall needs to be extremely clean, that is, there can be no trace of wallpaper, for example. If necessary, lightly sand the wall, ensuring that there is no material of any kind that could disrupt the application of the tile.

    It may even be painted, but make sure there is no dirt or grease on your wall. That is, in short, you will need to wash and thoroughly clean your wall, leaving it free of waste of any kind. Finish with a thick sandpaper and remove all dust generated with a cloth.

    Applying your wood mosaic

    • Now that your wall is already clean and ready, it's time to apply the mosaic itself. To do this, follow our step-by-step:
    • Choose a starting point: Never start from the corner as it may not be the best option. Draw a vertical line in the middle of your wall, using line batters and plumb bob (to ensure the straight line). Start the application by following this line.
    • Apply glue, little by little, to avoid waste.
    • Secure your wood mosaics, carefully. Consider using the aluminum ruler to ensure perfect alignment of the tile. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to correct any errors.
    • Apply your mosaic, it's time to move on to the finish.
    Wood Mosaic

    Finishing the application

    Use a mosaic cutter or a marble saw in order to cut off the excesses and ensure the perfect finish.

    Remember to let it dry for at least a day, before beginning the finish of your wood mosaic. After this period, use potter's mass to close the cracks and provide the perfect finish. Remember to clean immediately, avoiding negative aesthetic effects.

    Ready! Your mosaic will already be firm and beautiful on your wall, ready to complement your decor.

     Wood mosaic models

    Now that you already know everything about wood mosaic you must be wondering about which is the best option for your home, is not it? Do not worry! We separate some inspiring models for you to choose today which mosaic will be part of the new decoration of your house. Check out the options we have for you:

    Now just get your wood mosaic and put your hand in the dough! We are sure that the result will be unique and that your home will look even more beautiful. Then just tell us in the comments what the results you got.

    Wood Mosaic

    Wood Mosaic

    Wood Mosaic