10 Pre-Molded Barbecues Design Ideas To Choose From

10 Pre-Molded Barbecues Design Ideas To Choose From
    Pre-Molded Barbecues: 10 prefabricated barbecue designs to choose from
    10 Pre-Molded Barbecues Design Ideas To Choose From
    Everyone looks for practicality in everything they do, especially in relation to constructions that is something that gives a lot of work, makes a lot of dirt. That's why we've brought you some information about  precast grill models for anyone looking for a way to build a barbecue at home and without making dirt and without having work.
    brick barbecue

    Prefabricated Barbecue

    Having a barbecue at home is the desire of many people looking for a way to gather friends and family, but doing a barbecue sometimes gives work because it has to ride. But nowadays we can find some models of precast or pre-fabricated grills that are very simple to install and are already almost ready to the place where they will be.

    Today it is possible to find several models of this type of barbecue and different materials as well. Before choosing your barbecue it is indicated to take into account some pre requisites:
    • Size of the place where the barbecue will be : Sometimes we go to the store without knowing the footage and we come across a beautiful barbecue, but we do not pay attention to the size and when it finishes, it does not fit correctly. Measuring the location and taking the measurements with you is necessary for a certain purchase.
    • Material of your barbecue : There are barbecue grills with different manufacturing materials. Choose the one that meets your needs and expectations before finalizing the purchase.
    • Price : The value of the barbecue varies according to material and size. Do a stock search at different stores to make sure you are choosing what you really want for a price that fits in your pocket.
    The preformed barbecue grill is a great choice for anyone who wants an in house and spend little. Its manufacture is fast and consists of the manufacture of grills through molds. For those who are curious to see how it is done, watch the video below:

    Where to buy

    The prices of preformed grills may vary according to the model and size of the barbecue, but the average price is 600 to 2 thousand reais. On the Leroy Merlin site , you can find some models of grills to choose from and be able to install in your home without any difficulties.
    Check out other websites that you can also find your barbecue:

    Models and Pictures of Pre-cast Barbecues

    These grills, although they are preformed, are beautiful and can be found of several models. We have selected some models of preformed grills for you to choose.

    We have this first preformed barbecue model that is similar to the brick in sight. The barbecue is beautiful and very simple to assemble.
    prefabricated brick barbecue
    This other model is also similar to the brick in sight, but the natural color.
    10 Pre-Molded Barbecues Design ideas To Choose From
    Another model of precast grill is the one we see below. It is a concrete barbecue and very simple to assemble, without causing dirt.
    concrete barbecue
    We also have this grill kit with pizza oven that is also part of the models of grills preformed and see how beautiful and it does not look like it was so simple to assemble.
    preformed grill kit
    Below we have another model of barbecue with other complements. See what perfect finish and it can be in your house in a very simple way.
    Pre-Molded Barbecues
    Surely you already know the glass barbecue, but this model of barbecue that we brought below, is part of the models of grills preformed and will also look beautiful in your play area, without being laborious to install.
    Pre-Molded Barbecues Design
    This other model is also a preformed glass barbecue with the only difference that it is made with exposed brick in the part of the base of the same.
    Pre-Molded Barbecues Ideas
    Here we have another model of barbecue preformed in kit form, being a metal structure.
    Pre-Molded Barbecues
    Another model of concrete barbecue is this one that we can see below, which is very simple for those looking for practicality and simplicity.
    Prefabricated Barbecue
    Finally, we've brought you three different models of pre-shaped grills to choose from.
    Prefabricated Barbecues