House Plans: Models, Bottom Floor, Projects

House Plans: Models, Bottom Floor, Projects
    House Plans: Models, Bottom Floor, Projects
    House Plants: Models, Bottom Floor, Projects
    Many people are looking for a house plan that is exactly the way they idealize their property. But to build a house plan as we see in the image you need to have a project, know a little more of the drawing, such as if the plan is in 3D if it is a low plant.
    House plan for construction
    That is why we have brought several explanations about house plans , various models for you to choose a plan that suits your taste and your budget, without extrapolating your work planning.

    Models of house plans

    The floor plan or floor plan is the name given to a design of a house project, or a building in general. Many people choose to design their own residence, others already prefer to ask the engineer for help in drawing the same with more precision and details.

    It seems simple, but designing a house requires some care, as it will not be a simple drawing, it should contain information about the measures of the land and the measurements of each of the rooms so that when building the house, professionals know what measures. The floor plans can be found only with the design of the house structure or more illustrated drawings, with furniture, as if it were the house when it is ready.

    This plan is an outline of a low plan only with the structure of the property. This floor has a balcony, a hall that is actually a room that is called this way, as it can be used as a living room and dining room in the same environment. The plan has three bedrooms, one suite, kitchen and two bathrooms.
    Blue print
    This other model of plan can be used in its construction. With these models only with the structure of the house, we can better measure the measurements of the place, the measurements of each of the rooms. With this plan we have no work in calculating the area of ​​the land and dividing room by room to fit in it, just check the total area of ​​the house drawn, see if it is the same or near the area of ​​the land and build without difficulties, because the calculation is ready.
    Ground Floor
    Already this other model of plan is the other example that we speak of the house plan more illustrated. Some people prefer a plan like this just to see how the rooms would be if they were built that way. In this plan we have a kitchen, dining room and living room, kitchen with a service area, two bathrooms, one of which belongs to the bedroom. The house has three bedrooms being a suite.
    Floor Plan illustrated

    This other floor plan is even simpler, since we have all the furniture, the rooms and the illustration simpler to understand, especially for professionals who work in the construction field. We have the measurements of each of the rooms and it is a house with four bedrooms, living room, kitchen, leisure area and a bathroom.
    Colorful Floor Plan
    Below we have some more models of low houses for those who want to build their house based on this style of plant.
    plan structure


    Colorful house floor

    Simple house plan

    3D house plans

    We also have the 3D houseplan model that is even easier to use in a project, because for those who like to know how the house will be decorated before it even gets ready, including the walls of it. The plan below is an example of a 3D plan, it is different from the common plan, with it we can see more details about the plan, it is as if we see the residence ready in miniature. In this house we have the kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom and a small balcony outside.
    House in 3D
    We have this other house plan in 3D, but this is already more neutral with the brown walls. It is a small house with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Notice that the house in 3D seems to be more spacious than a house designed in the form of a low floor.
    plan House in 3D
    A larger house can also be designed with a 3D plan model like that plan we see just below. It is a large house with three bedrooms with plenty of space, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office. Realize that you can see the wall and can decorate it with the colors you want to use in your home, serves as a test to see if the color matches your room.
    House in large plan 3D
    Below we have another 3D house plan template for those who want to choose this plan model to use as a design. It is a small house, of a simple but very well designed plan.
    House in 3D plant
    Below we have some more models of house plans in 3D format.
    Simple 3d plant

    3D plant

    House Plants Models, Bottom Floor, Projects

    3D House Plants Designs Models, Bottom Floor, Projects

    How to Draw a Houseplan

    To design a house plan, whether it is any model you need to use a program. The 3D plans can be created in the internet sites such as the site giving to create a way of houseplan you want and turn it into design of your home.

    In the site we can design plans with only the structure or color, with all the furniture, but to draw it is necessary to have a notion of the space of the rooms, to have a notion of the space of the land, so it is better to ask help from an area professional, or if you wish, you can only do one project the way you want to have your home and then hand over to the builder to put the measurements and start building.

    See below video of how to build your plan in Corel Draw: