15 Brilliant Handrail Of Internal Staircase Design Ideas

15 Brilliant Handrail Of Internal Staircase Design Ideas
    Handrail of internal staircase design ideas
    15 Brilliant Handrail Of Internal Staircase Design Ideas
    Different handrail models are available in the market, helping to make the ladder even safer and more beautiful. If you are in doubt about which of the options to choose, be sure to read the following tips!
    Often overlooked when building the ladder, the handrail has a very important role, which is to offer balance both when climbing up and down the stairs, providing more support and safety, as well as the traditional bodyguard .
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    15 Brilliant Handrail Of Internal Staircase Design Ideas
    In addition, it can help to compose the environment, giving much style and elegance to the decoration, as long as it is well planned and combines with the decorative style already used in space.

    Types of Handrails

    There are several models and materials available, which can leave the property owner in doubt when choosing between the railing models for internal staircase. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages and combines with different styles.
    15 Brilliant Handrail Of Internal Staircase Design Ideas
    Learn about some of the major types of handrails:
    • Stainless steel handrail: high durability, easy to clean and requires low maintenance.
    • Aluminum handrail: brings the same advantages of stainless steel model, and works well with different types of decoration.
    • Iron handrail: it has as main characteristic the high durability, besides to suit to several environments (it combines well with the rustic decoration).
    • Glass Handrail: Offers greater integration between the environments, being ideal for more modern projects.
    • Rope Handrail: Perfect choice for more funky designs and beach houses, but may not be as safe as the others.
    • Handrail: Versatile and very sturdy, it can be used in rustic, contemporary and classic designs.

    How to choose

    To choose the best handrail, first take into account the safety and functionality, it is no use having a beautiful model that serves only as an ornament, without offering support and balance to go up and down the stairs.
    15 Brilliant Handrail Of Internal Staircase Design Ideas
    Combining practicality and aesthetics, the handrail should follow the style already adopted in the staircase and the decoration of the room, the cup or the environment where it will be installed. That way, if the location follows the rustic style, choose a rustic handrail, which can be made of wood, wrought iron or rope.
    In the case of more modern designs, materials such as aluminum and glass are great choices, making it even more interesting if accompanied by a bodyguard, which increases safety.
    Something you can also do is choose the model according to the lifestyle of the residents. If the house has children, for example, it is better to bet on a closed handrail, as this prevents the little ones from hanging on it.

    Having made the choice, do not forget the standards for handrail installation. In general, it should be 80 cm to 92 cm high relative to the floor.

    Handrail design ideas

    See more photos of handrail models for indoor staircase and see how they contribute to the decor.