Handcrafts For Bathroom With Pictures And Steps

Handcrafts For Bathroom With Pictures And Steps
    Space and expinsive tools are critical factors, but handcrafts for bathroom reuse tiny and old cheap things to make wonderful stuffs.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom
    When decorating the house, many of us are looking for simple pieces of furniture and a simple space to give more breadth and bathroom than the places that need more than one piece of furniture to put their own needs inside. At the same time, it is preferred to be small pieces that meet the purpose and have simple forms. From any furniture store or through the Internet and can be done by hand to the bathroom of simple tools can housewife work which helps to save a lot of costs. The following is a collection of hand-made bathroom drawings with an explanation of how each works.

    Hand tools and DIYs for bathroom pictures and steps: -

    1. Mirror with wooden frame:

    A mirror with a wooden frame can be made as shown in the figure with a stand or stand to place more than one thing on it where the toothbrush or shower liquid can be placed and so on. You can bring rectangular pieces of wood from one of the nearby carpentry workshops and paste it together with white glue until it becomes a frame and paint it in the preferred color by spraying the spray or brush the colors of the normal and take the dimensions of this frame and bring a mirror of the same sizes and paste the tire from the back of All sides and left to dry completely and so we did one of the manual works of the bathroom in a simple and easy way.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 1

    2- Wooden stand or stand:

    The work of the wooden stand as shown in the form to place the small objects on it or to put the needs of the bathroom also is done by bringing the number of five pieces of wood rectangular shape and varying length of a nearby carpentry workshops or if these pieces are available in the house of old objects and installed four pieces beside some Some by gluing the white glue and install the fifth piece of the offer from the bottom as shown and left completely dry sprayed with spray or use a paint brush to paint the color you prefer and is installed in the rack from the back to hang on the wall so that the holder ready to use.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 2

    3 - holder of wood and glass:

    This rack is made by bringing a number of longitudinal pieces and placing them side by side in length and placing a wooden piece from the top to fix them together. This is done by using some nails and installing a wooden piece from the bottom. And the installation of a number of small glass jars inside the pregnant metal and paste it with white glue for installation. Thus, a wooden holder was made for a number of glass jars that can be put with makeup tools or
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 3

    4 - Wooden holder with more than one shelf:

    The wooden holder can be made in the form of a small box to hold bathroom tools such as shampoo, shower liquid, tissue paper and other by bringing a number of wood pieces from any carpentry workshop and paste them in white glue to fix them together in the form of a box and put a small shelf can be divided longitudinally or Desire and hang it on the wall can be installed a metal accessory by any color as desired and hang the towel as shown in the figure.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 4

    5 - Mini-cabinet mini-use:

    A small, multi-use cabinet can be used as a step in the work of hand-washing. A number of old wood pieces or one of the carpentry workshops are brought together with nails or with white glue and a small wooden insert is painted with colors suitable for the color of the bathroom. Cutting of metal or wood with inserts for easy opening. Towels and special purposes can be placed inside the drawers and can be used as a table with soap, soap and so on.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 5

    6 - multi-use wooden pieces:

    This piece, as shown in the form, has more than one role to make the largest number of objects for the bath, where it is also made of old wood and can be used in one or more roles and can be painted any color according to the desire and are put towels and shower or clothes, for example.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 6

    7 - wooden piece of clothing for washing:

    You can bring any old table at home to make a place of salary is placed clothes to be washed by a plastic basket is installed or more than a basket as needed as shown in the form to put clothes.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 7

    8 - Small wooden box:

    You can make a small wooden box to place paper napkins for the use of the bathroom in the framework of the manufacture of hand tools for the bathroom by bringing a number of pieces of old wood and installed each other as the steps described above as shown in the figure.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 8

    9 - Mirror with a frame of logs:

    You can bring a group of old logs to make something elegant and special form, can be installed these logs each other by gluing it in the form of a square or rectangular frame as desired and left to dry completely and then take the dimensions of this frame and bring a mirror fit this frame and install it from The rear and hang it on the wall to become as shown in the shape of a mirror in a form elegant and attractive and inexpensive at all.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 9

    10 - Elegant wooden relationship:

    You can make a wooden connection to hang the clothes inside the bathroom by fixing a number of wood with each other and install a number of nails or metal pregnant and installed on the wall and used to hang the clothes on them and at the same time be of a different shape and attractive as shown in the figure.
    Handcrafts For Bathroom 10
    In the end, it is possible to do a hand-made bathroom with a number of simple things that are found in every house. It is not expensive at all and attracts everyone who sees it as new and different things.