What Should Garage Doors Be?

What Should Garage Doors Be?
    What should garage door design look like and what are the criteria?
    What Should Garage Doors Be
    What are modern garage doors? Is it true that they can become the main design element of the suburban area?
    Old metal garages built at the end of the last century, cause a lot of memories associated with the process of opening them. To stop inside, the driver had to get out of the car, remove the lock and push the heavy doors as wide as possible, and even something to prop them up. It is good that over the past 20-30 years, more functional and convenient designs have been invented, including sectional gates that occupy a minimum of space, are safe and aesthetic. They are great for installation in various openings. One of the advantages of sectional doors is that they rise vertically and along the guides are put under the ceiling, which saves the useful space of the garage and saves the car body from scratches.
    What Should Garage Doors Be
    4 Basic elements
    The construction of the sectional doors "Alutech" consists of four key elements. These are guides, through which the gates, springs, linen and drive are raised for comfortable control.
    The reliable sandwich panels, from which the door leaf is assembled, provide, in addition to the safety of the car and other property, the heat and sound insulation of the garage.
    The panels "Alutech" consist of two steel sheets, between which is a layer of foam. Due to the thickness of 40-45 mm and dense foam filling, sandwich panels can withstand strong winds and keep heat. On the perimeter of the canvas, a special EPDM seal is used, which also helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the room due to the good sealing of the opening.
    What Should Garage Doors Be
    Criterias of choice
    One of the most important details that you need to pay attention to when selecting sectional doors is balancing springs. This element in the gate "ALUTEH" is able to withstand 25 000 cycles of ups and downs, that is, work for about 17 years, if you open and close the gate four times a day.

    Equally important is the quality of components such as roller brackets and intermediate loops. In the gate "Alutech" they are made of galvanized or stainless steel, which makes them resistant to corrosion.

    To ensure that the rust does not leave any red marks on the door leaf itself, a zinc coating, a polyurethane primer, and a decorative polyurethane layer with polyamide particles are applied to the surface of the steel strip of the sandwich panel. Thus, the structures are reliably protected not only from the effects of precipitation, but also from minor mechanical damage.

    These solutions allowed to extend the warranty for the sectional doors "ALUTECH" to 10 years, ensuring the reliability of their work and resistance to corrosion throughout the life of the machine.

    A separate issue is the safety of the gate. To be afraid, that the cloth can break and damage the car or fall on the passing person, it is not necessary. Traction cables used in the gate "Alutech", withstand the load, six times the weight of the canvas. And thanks to the use of individually selected powerful springs, the gates easily rise and fall, and also securely fixed after lifting. Do not worry about the fall of the blade when the spring breaks - in unforeseen situations, special ratchet clutches or double tension springs will help out.
    What Should Garage Doors Be
    How to manage a gate
    The most budgetary way is to raise and lower the construction manually, which is quite simple due to special balancing springs. However, for the most comfortable operation of the gate the manufacturer offers to equip them with modern functional electric drives ALUTECH.

    Designed for 30 000 cycles of opening and closing the gate, Levigato engines will last at least 20 years. On request, standard and high-speed models are available: the maximum speed of opening designs for the most "smart" models reaches 0.2 m / s, which will be a significant advantage for impatient owners.

    In this case, you can not be afraid of locking the gate with the drive in the event of a power outage: when the power is suddenly turned off, it is not difficult to unlock them to open or close manually.

    Of course, installing the motor increases the cost of the gate. Therefore, if the budget is severely limited, the electric drive can not be installed immediately, it is enough to perform all necessary training for its subsequent installation. Then in the future it will be easier to install it.
    What Should Garage Doors Be
    Bonus in the form of aesthetics
    An additional advantage of the sectional gate "Alutech" is that they are able to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of even the most demanding customer. The canvas can be painted in any color on the scale of RAL or Deutsche Bahn. In total, there are five canvas drawings (horizontal S-, M-, L-ribs, microwaves, panels) in the assortment of the GC "Alutech", two types of textures and more than 200 different shades. Moreover, additional decorative and functional elements can be built in the canvas: a gate or windows, and also order side doors made in a single style with a gate.
    What Should Garage Doors Be
    Thus, sectional doors are structures that can not only make the garage a comfortable and safe "home" for the car, but also become a stylish addition to the exterior.