All You Need To Know About Studying Interior Design

All You Need To Know About Studying Interior Design
    All you need to know about studying interior design
    studying interior design
    Have you ever thought about making paintings? Or to create creative shapes to decorate your room or home? If you think of one of these things, you have beautiful artistic talents filled with the study of architecture decoration, or decoration engineering or sometimes known as the specialization of interior design interested in taking out the best aesthetic forms that exist in the human and the finest markets of artistic touches, the design or interior decoration of the interior of the room includes many of The aesthetic forms of engineering and has many schools and methods taught by the student of decoration engineering in detail.

    Academic content
    The study program for the study of decorative engineering at the undergraduate level at the University of Portsmouth, for example, includes studies in design, studies to promote the interior decoration markets. The program to study the decoration of the exterior of the students qualify students to be professional decorators equipped with the basic skills to do the work of decoration on the face optimum.

    Studies at the undergraduate level also include topics such as art history, cultural theories, cosmetic raw materials studies, professional construction studies, and the study of decorative engineering at the undergraduate level takes into account the cultural backgrounds of many international art and cultural cultures of each country. The program also offers students the opportunity to visit different European cities to learn about modern art creations in this area.

    The study at the postgraduate level abroad is a varied and distinct study. According to the program of the study of decoration engineering of the University of Oklahoma in the postgraduate stage, the study program includes research studies in interior design, studies in the theories of creative designs, and studies in the construction of beautification of the environment, To theoretical studies in design, and optional courses chosen by the student.

    In most cases international students who do not speak English as a native language are required to pass an English language proficiency test, the IELTS score of 6.5, or the paper based score of 550 or the TOEFL score of 79.

    Functional perspectives
    After finishing the study of decoration engineering abroad, any decorative engineer finds many very useful career opportunities in this field since most employers prefer fully qualified students with international certificates. The material advantages of the decoration engineer depend on his specialization and his previous experience as well , The architect of interior decoration and interior design can reach a number of six figures, and in the statistics of the Interiors Design site, the site indicated that the potential salary of the newly graduated decoration engineer in this field ranges from 22 to 40 thousand dollars per year, Another statistic about the Salary site is that the average salary of a newly graduated decorator who works in interior design firms in the United States is $ 37,000 a year.