10 Models Of House Plans

10 Models Of House Plans
    10 house plans models

    Some people want to build their homes exactly as they dream. But for the house to come out perfect, with all the details desired, it is necessary to make a house plan before starting construction. To keep you in the loop and get your project done easily and simply, we've separated some house plan models to inspire your new home.
    free house plans
    The models of the plans act as a kind of guide for those responsible for the work, showing how the property should be built and what are its main characteristics (size and location of each room, number of rooms, etc.), being designed according to with the space available in the lot.

    On the internet there are several free plan options that you can use as inspiration to develop the project of your new residence. To make life easier, we have separated 10 models of free home plans that are great alternatives. Remembering that it is always necessary to have an engineer or an architect responsible for the work, besides paying all the fees of CREA and the Municipality and also own the building permit .

    10 Free House Plans Templates

    Free house plans are used by architects, engineers, bricklayers and others involved in the construction to see how the rooms of the house, the size of the environment and the structure will be, allowing you to enjoy every inch of the land.

    It is from the models of house plans that are also developed the other key projects in any building, such as hydraulic and electric projects, making the property perfect.

    In this way, it is essential that the floor plan be drawn before the work begins, avoiding a series of problems that may appear during construction.

    Here are some examples of free home plans that inspire different projects.

    1- Floor with Suite

    The house plan below is the design of a two-bedroom house with suite, social bathroom, a larger room, which may also have separate part for the pantry, plus kitchen, service area and balcony.

    It is a simple and comfortable house, built on a plot of land measuring 112.21 m². The area of ​​the house is 95.61 m², while the outdoor area is 16.60 m².
    House plan with suite

    2- Option with 60m2

    In the following plan we have a smaller house model. The building has an area of ​​65.59 m² and consists of three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony (the service area has been left out in this project, but can be made on a piece of the balcony).

    This example of plan is to be built on a land with 75.92 m² (sum of the internal and external areas).
    house plans with 85m2

    3- Option with 85m2

    This is a small house plan, but even so the property is no longer cozy. The residence has a service area, two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and an extensive balcony, which passes through one of the bedrooms and also the living room.

    The total land area for this type of project needs to be at least 85 m², of which about 60 m² are intended for the internal area.
    3D house plan model

    4- 3D plan Option

    The 3D house plans allow a better visualization of the future property, consisting of a great alternative to plan the house, with the arrangement of furniture in each room.

    In this example, we have a simple house, small and with spaces well used. Highlight also for the external area, with a good space and suitable furniture that allows the use for different occasions.

    3D house plan with barbecue

    5- House plan with barbecue

    For those looking for a larger and spacious home, this plan is a great example. The property has four bedrooms, accommodating a large family as well as serving the people who often receive many visits.

    We can also highlight the service area with a barbecue, a good alternative for those who love to get together with friends and family to taste the roast beef at the weekend.
    3D house plan with swimming pool

    6- Home Option with Pool

    If your dream is to have a house with pool, this design is inspirational, with pool deck wood space to put tables and chairs.

    The residence also has three bedrooms, laundry, service area, living and dining rooms, garden and front garage. This project is for a land with a total area of ​​232 m².

    Average House plan

    7- House with 115m2

    Small houses are on the rise, for different reasons. But a lot of people still prefer old-fashioned real estate, with plenty of room for the family. For those who have this taste, the drawing below serves well, bringing three rooms, suite, two rooms, two balconies and a beautiful leisure area with pool and barbecue.

    Also on the outside, next to the pool, there is a bedroom with bathroom and laundry area, ideally taking advantage of all the corners of the land.

    plan with 100m2

    8- House with 100m2

    Another model of a large house, for those looking for a property with three bedrooms and a suite. The room, enormous, draws attention in this project, and can be divided, easily, into two environments. It is also worth mentioning the balcony that surrounds the residence, offering several possibilities of use.
    house floor plan

    9- Floor Plan

    Thinking about building a house? Get inspired in this duplex house plan , which helps you enjoy the spaces well in a small size lot. On the ground floor we have two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

    Already at the top, there are two more bedrooms, two bathrooms and the balcony.
    simple house plan

    10- Simple plan option

    Finally, we have a very simple and small house, that there is only one dormitory. The property also has a living room, laundry, kitchen, bathroom and balcony with barbecue.

    3D Houseplan Models

    Types of free home plans

    There are three types of plans. The most common is the one whose drawing is made with a horizontal cut with 1.5m from the base. We still have the upper floor, serving to show the house as if ready, and the plan we are accustomed to see, which is the projection or architectural space.
    When hiring the engineer, choose models where you can see the facade and also the interior.

    It is advisable that the drawing be done by an engineer, so that the measurements come out correctly. However, the drawings that are already ready can serve as inspiration and reference for new constructions.

    In addition, it is extremely important that the engineer or architect show the project in 3D as well as the plan. When closing a project, take this into account.

    Building Your Own plan

    Want a custom design? You can design your own free home plan. There are several sites that allow you to create your home plan the way you want it to, such as Autodesk Homestyler and Floorplanner , as well as programs such as SketchUp and Autocad .
    If you have any questions, here are some videos that teach:

    Do not forget to look for an engineer to get everything in order!