The New Kendall Jenner's House

The New Kendall Jenner's House
    New Facade At Kendall Jenner's House, See Inside & Outside.
    Kendall Jenner's house
    World fashion model Kendall Jenner moved to her new home in Los Angeles, California, but did not own the house, but rented it for £ 19,000.
    Kendall Jenner's house 1
    The house has 5 luxurious bedrooms with distinctive decoration. The experts chose the dark brown and gray tones of the master bedroom, which features a leather rear bed, and a light velvet seat with mirrored edges. The white color was chosen for another bedroom, with beds, wardrobes and white curtains.
    Kendall Jenner's house 2
    Living room
    The L-shaped sofa was mediated by the living room and was chosen from the beige leather material, fitted with white fur pillows. In the main wall was installed a television screen, with many antiques and artifacts, and again came the distinctive chandelier to complete the aesthetic decoration of the living room.
    Kendall Jenner's house 3
    The house has 5 bathrooms, and it seems that the modern character is dominated by its interior designs as it appears from one of the pictures, in light brown color, with medium space and classic designs.
    Kendall Jenner's house 4
    The shades of brown dominate the kitchen cabinets, walls and floors, and the distinctive pieces in its corners, blending the chandelier in brown and yellow lights, with metal kitchenware.
    Kendall Jenner's house 5
    Terrace and swimming pool
    Enjoying a terrace overlooking green spaces, Kendall will be able to enjoy the sun in the early morning or go directly to the outdoor swimming pool in the back garden.
    Kendall Jenner's house 6