Information About Acrylic Material

Information About Acrylic Material
    All You Need Want To Know About Acrylic Material
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    It is a type of non-toxic raw material that gives a smooth, smooth and smooth appearance. It is characterized by its distinctive shape and many colors. The term "acrylic" is used for products containing acrylic-derived material. It is also used to describe the transparent glass-like plastic known as poly Methacrylate, PMMA, also called acrylic glass, has many distinguishing features that make it a better choice for many products that may be made of glass.

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    Types of acrylic:
    Extruded Acrylic: Acrylic extrusion is produced by a process whereby the liquid plastic is pushed through rollers, which are pressed during cooling. This process is relatively inexpensive, but the resulting sheets are lighter than the cast acrylic and can be easily damaged and contain impurities.

    Cast acrylic: Cast acrylic has high quality cells, but it has a higher cost than extruded acrylic. The cell is molded and single sheets are made by pressing the liquid plastic between pieces of the mold, often made of glass. It produces strong plates of acrylic, which are often used for aquariums, and other products that require the formation of the finished product.
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    Uses of acrylic:

    Many different acrylic products are made, such as shower and shower doors, bathroom containers, windows and skylights. Acrylic is often stronger than glass, making it more resistant to impact, safer and harder to break glass and plastic, and better insulating than glass. .
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    Features of acrylic:

    - Acryl glass is clear, allowing 92% of visible light, while glass is very thick and decomposes when exposed to sun, while acrylic is clear and maintains clarity over the years without turning yellow or degrade when exposed to sunlight on Over a long period of time.
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    - Another advantage of acrylic is that it weighs half the weight of glass and this makes it easy to handle easily with this material, making it a better choice for many projects and uses where weight gain is a problem.
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    - All major public aquariums now build acrylic display tanks, often used in many other buildings, and when the thickness of this material is more than 1 inch only (about 25 mm), becoming bullet resistant and used as ATM containers, window containers with motor , And are used in aircraft windows.
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    How to Form Acrylic:

    A unique feature of this thermoplastic is its ability to be formed, and extruded acrylic is not as strong as acrylic casting and tends to crack when formed, so most of the high quality acrylic products are manufactured and molded without any layers. Chemical welding at the molecular level It dissolves into one part of the solid material, and the polished welds are invisible.
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    Misconceptions and disadvantages of acrylic:

    There are some misconceptions about acrylic, which is said to be brittle, cracking with time and easy to scratch. This is not true if properly taken care of, and unlike glass, scratches can be removed.

    It is acrylic defects that is more expensive than glass, and if exposed to ignition and fire, it will eventually melt and cause combustion to exit toxic vapors, so safety precautions should always be taken using electrical tools and using heat.