Home Interior Guidelines To Use Corners

Home Interior Guidelines To Use Corners
    If you were searching for the answer of how to use corners at home, "Carla Munther" interior designer going to answer you and give effective instructions in home decoration
    how to use corners at home

    3 Areas to use corners at home

    Good attention to decorating corners and rooms of the house, makes us waste of space in storage, or beautify the interior decoration. For example, the decoration of a corner of the area with a simple modern decoration, with a piece of artistic value breaks the monotony of this decoration, and adds elegance to the place. The decoration engineer "Carla Munther" helps readers, in the exploitation of the corners of their homes, neatly:

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    1. In the entrance:

    • A wooden table is placed, low, and loaded with antiques.
    • Do not mind using a small "Baho" and a chair with an aesthetic value that goes beyond his job.
    • Install a long mirror on the wall, surrounded by a neat frame.
    • A light fixture should be hung from the ceiling, and the latter should be two meters above the ground and illuminate on a piece of value.
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    2. In the reception area:

    • A high table is placed, loaded with a luxurious masterpiece.
    • Installs a ground-based "abagor" with a base.
    • A well-known plastic brush is attached to the wall in the corner, with a long painting selected, with a 45-centimeter accent placed on the ground and highlighted to be the focus of visitors' attention.
    • Do not mind taking advantage of a corner in a practical way, by placing a desk with a comfortable chair, or install shelves on the wall to place books, with the possibility of providing the library with a glass facade.
    • Decorate the corner with a fireplace, or fish tank.
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    3. In the corners of the main bedroom:

    • Shelves support wood loaded with a range of photo frames, accessories and books.
    • A low circular table, with two chairs to relax, should be provided if sufficient space is available.
    • A shoe cabinet is designed with attractive design.
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