Handicrafts For Decorating Living Rooms

Handicrafts For Decorating Living Rooms
    Handicrafts For Decorating Living Rooms
    The living rooms are one of the most vital rooms in every house. We spend most of our day. Most of the houses have television in the living room. We can also eat and receive guests, so many simple household ideas can be done to decorate the living rooms with different shapes and reflect the style of the place.

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    5 Easy DIY Handicrafts For Decorating Living Rooms:

    1 - a small wooden box with a number of vases:

    This idea is one of the very simple ideas for decorating living rooms. For the work of the fund, a number of old wooden pieces are brought to the house or brought from one of the nearby carpentry workshops and installed together to form a small box by gluing it with white glue and leaving it to dry completely. Then we bring a number of old vases or empty bottles do not use spray spray any favorite color or to write or drawing according to the desire and put a number of flowers and decorate any available trinkets and put it inside this box and placed on the table to beautify and thus formed aesthetic and Different as shown in the picture.
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    2 - a number of bottles decorated with thick threads:

    As we see in this form these bottles of gas water empty and therefore can be used in the work of a number of artifacts that give a wonderful appearance in the living rooms when placed, and can bring a number of bottles of soda water and bring a number of thick threads of different colors and roll these threads on bottles And then decorate each bottle with the type of jewelry available as shown in the shape of a bottle decorated with flowers and other decorated with a button or thread or a canvas or any type of cloth available at home as Enabled writing letters to these ornaments while decorating the bottle, and this figure is simple shapes to decorate.
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    3 - Wooden hand-held wooden center between two pieces:

    This is also a simple form in the implementation of decorating the living rooms where can be brought any small wooden board and we write it by using a brush or drawing, even by bringing any kind of cloth and cut it in the form of a drawing beloved to us In this tablet is shown in the form was mixed between The color brush and the use of a cloth cut and pasted in the tabloid, which gave a more attractive shape of this painting and then we installed on the wall by a nail of a suitable size and for the small wooden pieces surrounding the television is simple wooden pieces were painted with a brush colors and installed a cat By a small metal bottles and put a small size of these metal pieces it was used as roses reported in a new and different form as shown in Figure.
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    4 - The number of candles placed inside more than glassware:

    This is a completely new form and not very common in the decoration of living rooms as it is a distinctive idea is implemented by bringing more than a glass vessel in different shape, but these pots are the quality of glass that bears the heat and we bring different forms of stones and put them In each container in an appropriate quantity and we bring a number of candles and put them in glassware can also put the amount of stones inside glass vessels and not to put candles and be as desired and the table is decorated by giving a perfect and new form of the place.
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    5 - Number of wooden shelves designed by hand:

    This can be designed and executed in a simple, easy and inexpensive way to decorate the living rooms where a number of thick wooden pieces are brought. Here wooden boxes can be used in rectangular form and the holes in these boxes will be pierced so that there is a hole in the north side and another hole in the right hand side. Thick between these holes in the boxes so that they are on top of each other, taking into account the work of a number of strong contract with the rope until each box or rack is installed in place and not fall and connect the last end of the rope well, which was passed to the last box and made a great relationship from the top rope to hang These shelves can be fastened with screws in the wall to ensure they do not fall or shake. Small artifacts and pictures are placed on these shelves, giving an attractive and beautiful shape to decorate the living rooms.
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