DIY Decorating Ideas For Home Garden

DIY Decorating Ideas For Home Garden
    DIY Decorating Ideas For Home Garden
    Garden owners can do a lot of ideas to decorate the garden and make places where you can enjoy and sit in your spare time, but not many of them have ideas that can be implemented in the garden of the house, in this article we will explain a lot of Easy and inexpensive ideas that you can do in your garden and enjoy something beautiful and attractive view that you can benefit from it in many cases, follow us ..

    First idea:

    Through this way you can work a circular seat around a large tree in your garden where you can take advantage of them to sit in the leisure time and even if you do not use it is beautiful and wonderful form can be used over time and to be able to complete this work follow the steps.


    1. Wood on the size of the tree in your garden and according to the size you want.
    2. Screws and hammer.


    1. At the beginning, the wood will be wrapped around the tree until it completes the initial shape. The wood will then be polished in the same way until the whole shape is complete. The wood shall be fixed at the bottom of each wood connection, as shown in the picture. .
    2. After you have completed the form and roll the whole wood behind some of it and install the wood length below it do the top part and he wrapped the tree with longitudinal wood as shown in the picture and so the shape becomes more beautiful, you can also put some additions to it if you like and if it will increase the shape beauty .

    Second idea:

    With this idea, you can make a big family seat where you can enjoy and watch it at night as it will be an attractive and wonderful place to sit.


    1. Wood on the length you want.
    2. Jacquard and nails according to need.


    1. At the beginning of the matter, you will make a tree with the length you want, taking into consideration that between each wood and the other a distance of not less than 15 cm. This is in order to put the other wood on it and work the shape we want as shown in the picture.
    2. Then we make some wood over the wood on the ground, taking into consideration that each tree with the other angle of 90 degrees as shown in the picture with good installation with nails.

    3. If you are going to make this shape in places where there are trees you should initially take the distances and cut the wood to suit the place where you will put it.

    The third idea:

    Through this method you can install a swimming pool for children in the garden home in a way that is easy and inexpensive and produces in the end a very cool and attractive form.


    1. In the beginning you bring the children's pool and put it in the place you want to install it.
    2. Laying the foundations for fixing the swimming pool, which is the wooden latch and fixing it in the ground as shown in the picture, taking into account the wrapping of the wood around the neck of the swimming pool to ensure it is stable for as long as possible.
    3. And then we install the final wood in the form taking into account the placement of all the wood next to each other and not leave any spaces between the wood and the other until we produce the final form in the picture.

    The fourth idea:

    In this way you can make a red brick grill in the garden of the house, which you can use in roasting and preparing some food that needs charcoal fire.


    1. You make a rectangle with red bricks, but the face will be open, meaning that it is rectangular with only three walls as shown in the picture.
    2. Then, when you reach the right length for you, make an appearance in the two corners corresponding to each other to install the charcoal holder and grill wire on it.

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