Important Tips For Decorating Small Room Decor

Important Tips For Decorating Small Room Decor
    With the difficult living conditions and the rising cost of construction and construction, most of the houses have become small, and many people have problems dealing with the narrow spaces, and how to make the room look elegant and distinctive and comfortable at the same time. Fortunately, the solution exists, and with certain tricks in the interior design, you can design small room decor that looks more spacious, with the help of visual tricks that we will list in this article.

    Get rid of unnecessary small trims

    The first and most important step in circumventing small spaces in the design of small room decor Any room in the house is to get rid of the mess, and the chaos here is caused by small things that look beautiful in themselves but cause congestion inside the room.

    Get rid of all the small things such as photo frames, unnecessary furniture, wall hanging and small decorations in the room. In the bedroom, remove the jewelry and place it in a special box inside one of the drawers. Pens and other things inside the drawers as well, simply throw away all visible objects as long as they can be hidden, and this will help to feel order and order within the small space.
    Decorating Small Room Decor

    Choose the right bed for your small bedroom

    Stay away from the huge beds in the small room decor. Preferably choose a bed with a large wall panel.

    In addition, the bed linen or bed linen should be chosen in the design, and the colors of the bed should be removed from the overlapping colors, inscriptions and decorations that make the room unbalanced and distracted. The room feels overcrowded and uncluttered. Just the perfect choice for you.
    Decorating Small Room Decor 1

    Choose the entertainment unit in the small living room

    The entertainment unit is the part of the living room where the TV and its accessories are placed inside, and this part of the living room is always focused on it, so consider the choice of a simple and small design for the entertainment unit in the narrow spaces, and whenever the entertainment unit Small, light-colored, and no-engraved. This helps make the small living room look bigger. The large entertainment units look old-fashioned, and you can completely abandon them and replace them with small shelves installed in the wall to install small appliances and install the same TV screen In the wall making the place seem more spacious.
    Decorating Small Room Decor 2

    Choose suitable colors in small spaces

    Try to choose the light colors as much as possible when choosing the decor of small rooms, including the colors of carpets, floors and curtains and colors of furniture and colors of walls, whether the color of the wall paint or the color of wallpaper, and the tricks that make the place seems very wide is to choose The color of the curtains is similar to the color of the walls or the color of the wallpaper, and you will find that the room looks very expansive.
    Decorating Small Room Decor 3

    Choose the right lighting for decorating the small rooms

    The dark rooms always look smaller, so be sure to increase the lighting units in the narrow room and also to ensure that there is a source of natural light in the room, and can also adopt transparent curtains light color to give an aesthetic touch on the place.
    Decorating Small Room Decor 4

    Use reflections to make the small room look bigger

    The mirrors make the room look bigger, so you can use at least one large mirror in the narrow room to look bigger, which is because the mirrors are in the opposite light, making the room brighter.

    The reflection creates a visual illusion of a continuous space ideal for a small room, and not only mirrors are wonderful in the reflection of light, all types of glossy, glass or transparent metallic surfaces will play the same role almost.
    Decorating Small Room Decor 5

    Choose the right ceiling for decorating the small rooms

    While the light colors on the walls and the light wallpaper make the room more spacious, the choice of a dark color of the ceiling creates depth in the room, and should be completely away from the selection of suspended ceilings in the small rooms as it takes about 10 to 15 cm from the room height , And increase the narrowness of space.

    However, if the suspended ceiling is the only option available in the design of the room, you can compensate for the narrowness of the space by using other tricks, such as putting the wallpaper on the ceiling to make the room look bigger, and making bookshelves hanging on the ceiling.
    Decorating Small Room Decor 6

    Choose suitable pieces of furniture for narrow spaces

    In the narrow rooms, push the pieces of furniture towards the wall always, and this creates an expansion within the room, and can rely on multi-use furniture and jobs to exploit the narrow spaces as best as possible without causing the overcrowding of more than one piece of furniture, and in the living room is one sofa The larger the better the narrow spaces of the pieces of multiple small furniture, and preferably the pieces of furniture with open legs, which gives more lighting and wider.
    Decorating Small Room Decor 7
    In the end, if you combine the tricks we have shown you will get a comfortable room for yourself, you will not feel the tightness of the place, and will of course overcome the problem of small spaces.