American Decor In Practical Tips

American Decor In Practical Tips
    Here are eight practical american decor tips by Interior4Design to launch your eastern style.
    American Decor Practical Tips
    It is known that the American style in the interior of the apartment provides comfort to its occupants, and takes advantage of every inch of space, however narrow. In this context, Marilyn Saad's readers look at American style rules through practical examples of a design apartment inspired by American decor.
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    Marlene Saad explains that "user comfort is the most important feature of a successful home décor, which is provided by the American style, without sacrificing the attractiveness of the simple modern look, the delightful colors and the good use of interior spaces."
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    The requirements of the American design and decoration are to expand the windows by Marilyn, and the kitchen is open on the living room and the living room, so that all the corners of the reception are connected to each other, away from any breaks. As for furniture, it is desirable to be selected, enriched and contemporary.
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    American style basics

    • A healthy lifestyle requires that the oven and gas be removed from the living room and close to the window for ventilation. As well as a clear basin, which would prefer to be erected on the wall is not visible to those sitting in the salon. It is important to coordinate the elements in the kitchen and salon, for the color and size ...
    • The kitchen is separated from the living room with a high table or shower, which helps to cover the kitchen equipment, gas, oven, refrigerator and refrigerator ... and placed a high chair and a phenomenon in the kitchen, which converges directly and sitting rooms. For better coordination between the two elements, the selection of chairs and the base of the drink from wood, in harmony with the kitchen cabinets, and using light colors, which must be limited to the color or two, in the living room and kitchen.
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    • Wood, stainless steel and marble are preferred materials in American interior decoration, especially when designing the reception area. In this context, marble is used in the high pieces of these two pillars, such as the dining room table and the surface of the kitchen sink. Marble drilling, but modern and shy.
    • Hallway, part of the open space on each other. In the bedrooms, a door (still closed) is separated from the reception and distributor to the bedrooms.
    • American style is not confined to narrow apartments, but can also be solved in spacious homes. In this context, it is applied in the reception and main kitchen.
    • Lighting in this model is strong and consistent, direct and indirect, carried by chandeliers or lamps, although the latter is preferred in limited space. Contrary to the prevailing idea that the decoration is excluded from the American-style space, Marilyn says it is a design, but often comes in the form of geometric shapes.
    • There is no place for curtains cloth in this model, and replace the sunscreen (sunscreen), they are strong and resist the smells of cooking and strong lights.
    • It is preferred to abandon the wishes of residents to make natural seedlings part of the decor, they may spoil foods with carbon dioxide at night, near the kitchen area of ​​the living room.
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