House Of The Indian Actor Akshay Kumar

House Of The Indian Actor Akshay Kumar
    Seek inspirations by the global and Indian star Akshay Kumar's house with cozy decor ideas.
    Akshay Kumar house
    The house of the Indian actor Akshay Kumar and his wife, the star-worshiper Twinklekhana, are filled with details that reflect the family atmosphere within its walls, dark earth tones, antiques and books.
    Akshay Kumar house 1
    The house is located on the outskirts of the state of Johu in Mumbai, India. The bedroom overlooks the sea directly, with a charming balcony that the couple has only enriched with one chair. Overall, the room is simple with light-colored bedspreads and pillows, complete with paintings and statues hanging on the wall.

    sitting room
    Akshay Kumar house 2
    The living room has a character close to the bedroom with a simple gray sofa, another with a metal structure and a decorative cover. This room features outstanding glass chandeliers from its roof.

    Dining room
    Akshay Kumar house 3
    Its walls are gray, and its chairs are light beige, and its table is made of a wooden structure and a glass surface, and it may be the most beautiful, with a wonderful view of green plants and trees.

    Antiques and paintings
    Akshay Kumar house 4
    Every room in the house has a large collection of colorful paintings and countless antiques, most notably metal and bronze. The huge library, which appears in a large number of pictures, may be one of the most important elements of the house.

    Outdoor garden
    Akshay Kumar house 5
    The outdoor garden was furnished with brown leather seats, which largely coincided with the gray floor and green plants.
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