5 Simple Ways to Clean A Kitchen Basin

5 Simple Ways to Clean A Kitchen Basin

    A Simple Guide Of How To Clean Your Kitchen Basin Or Sink

    Clean A Kitchen Basin
    The problem of clogging the kitchen sink is a major problem facing a housewife.

    To address this problem, the British newspaper Mirror reported a series of simple solutions that the housewife could resort to, as follows:

    1 - Try the plunder

    Put the plunder on the open of the bank of the basin and press on it several times until you feel that the water stream is walking. If this method does not work for the first time, try again.

    2. Use soda and vinegar

    Mix half a cup of soda and half a cup of vinegar, and mix one at a time in the water tank in the kitchen sink. The chemical reaction caused by mixing the two components works to clean the water bank. You may have to try again several times to get better results.

    3. Clean the sink filter

    The pelvic strainer may be the cause of the obstruction of the drain in the kitchen, so you can remove all the lingering dirt after removing it and cleaning it from the inside well.

    4. Use a liquid for the basin

    If previous attempts do not work, you have to use a liquid for pelvic drainage, and to choose an effective and good type that does not corrode drainage pipes.

    5 - Try to prevent blockage of the basin in the future

    Avoid throwing eggshells and food residues and leaving them for a long time in the kitchen sink, as they contribute greatly to clogging. They may accumulate inside the drainage pipes and cause clogging and damage, which may require you to use the stacks to solve the problem.