4 Steps From An Expert To Break The Monotony Of Decor

4 Steps From An Expert To Break The Monotony Of Decor

    4 Steps to break the monotony of decor

    4 Steps To Break The Monotony Of Decor
    The majority want to make adjustments to their "decorations", but they are soon bored by the move, which only changes a piece of furniture or "accessories," without affecting the general line of decor.
    Interior decoration engineer Ism. Ali readers of "Madam" Net on the ideas to help in the renewal of the rooms of the house, away from boredom, in the following:
    Steps To Break The Monotony Of Decor 1

    1. "Patching"

    The expert advises readers to resort to "patching", ie, using more than one color, cloth or material in a piece of furniture. The latter can distinguish the session alone, or be combined with other elements, from "accessories" to pillows and carpets. Although the "looping" technique can be applied to any color, the monochrome background, especially white, may look ideal.
    Steps To Break The Monotony Of Decor 2

    2. Yes to random!

    The randomization is based on the spread of "accessories" in an unconventional way, or the distribution of some pillows without arranging on the floor or couch, or throwing scarves or mattresses on the sofas or tables. Here are some practical steps in this area:
    • The distance from the row of frames of the same images at the same level, but made the wall holds different platforms from them.
    • Merge a set of small windows into one space, to look from a distance like a large frame.
    • Place blank frames on a colored wall.
    • To tilt the paintings, to belong to the abstract art, do not lose with this Milan meaning!

    Steps To Break The Monotony Of Decor 3

    3. Break the fire extinguisher

    The expert invites readers to add some glossy touches to the room, especially if the furniture is dark colored or a pillow. Note that this trick is very similar to the introduction of light into darkness. It is based on the use of pillows with beads, or "crystal" with those gentlemen, or choose sparkling curtains for a quiet room "decorations", or silver and gold items at the same time.
    Steps To Break The Monotony Of Decor 4

    4. Do not confuse the decoration schools!

    Despite the aesthetic appeal of different styles of décor under one roof, this step is not easy and requires the expertise of an interior decorator, since harmony is the main condition for playing this game, otherwise the place will start as a showroom for opposing elements!