Ultra Modern Interior Designs

Ultra Modern Interior Designs

    The Ultra Modern Decor

    Ultra Modern Interior Designs
    The comfort, luxury, attractive colors and the combination of straight and curved lines are all hallmarks of the ultra-modern interior design / "home decor" that is finally popular in UK and UAE apartments. The designer specializing in interior decoration and furniture Engineer M. Ashour explains in the following, and through the pictures, a residential project meets the conditions of good use of space and employ the style of ultra-modern, without the final look cool.

    Ultra Modern Interior Designs 1
    Modern "decorations" and quiet colors dominate the main lounge. The designer is determined to choose the white paint for the walls and the sofa, as well as to highlight the table in the middle of the space.
    Ultra Modern Interior Designs 2
    The dividers between the corners of the reception section are wooden columns. In the picture, it is noticeable that the frescoes in the corner of the family members are distinctive, and that the flowering carpet connects the elements of the place, in which the details make a big difference, as the decor destroys the routine.
    Ultra Modern Interior Designs 3
    The open-plan dining area, decorated with colors, stands out on canvas chairs, and details of geometric decorations on the walls and gypsum partitions. Because the space is used on a daily basis, the designer has taken care of the comfort of choosing its components.
    Ultra Modern Interior Designs 4
    The identities and designs are mixed in the bedroom: the parquet floor is classic in character, the bed and the "decorations" are modern, as are the walls. In terms of colors, gray and beige are often used in their shades, as well as wood. The final corner image is luxurious and modern, with classic touches, in harmony with direct and indirect lighting. For added value, the curtains are painted in violet and gray, and the whiteboard is white, while the mirrors help make the room look more spacious.
    Ultra Modern Interior Designs 5
    The presence of pastel and gold colors reflects simple modern design, as well as uncomplicated furniture. To ensure that the room does not have a cool view, the accessories are carefully chosen, especially the chandelier.
    The designer had scented the designer to make the room youthful, cheerful and luxurious.
    Ultra Modern Interior Designs 6

    ➃ Tips for preparing the "Ultra Modern"

    1. Simple and clear lines represent the mystery of the ultra-modern style.
    2. The dark colors mixed with white, beige and gray colors achieve warmth, in the model mentioned.
    3. For added value, mixing of processed wood and leather, besides non-traditional lighting.
    4. Practical and comfortable furniture is very style-mentioned, without omission for audacity.

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