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20 Summer Living Room Ideas - Best Designs For Summer Living Room

20 Ideas For Decorations In The Summer Living Room

What are the "decorations" that make the scenery of the scoop of living refreshing, and celebrate the summer, without a huge budget for this purpose?
"" answers the question in the following, by enumerating tips drawn from the decorator Kholoud Hamdi:
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🀧 Separate space: It is possible to separate some open spaces on each other, by using the "Bravan", which gives the place a new look, taking into account the model that is followed in the two blocks.
🀧 Walls: At the lowest cost, you can change the shape of a wall in the living room by adding a suitable summer color and furniture to that of the TV screen or using a walled wallpaper to the opposite wall. If the wall opposite the latter is short-lived, the pruning should be long, but if it is small in width, the pruning should be width.
🀧 Lighting: It is known that the larger the beam, the more attractive the place. In this context, light can be added to the panels, and other side carried by the abagore next to the sofa, and reading lighting.
🀧 Colors: It is recommended to use bright colors such as light blue, purple reddish, purple and light green in degrees, with white and gray. It is suitable for pale yellow, beige or diabetic. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to take a sample of colors, and carry them on a limited area, and to see how consistent with the pieces of furniture. Then, the cushions or the "abagoirs" can be changed, matching the colors chosen on the walls.

6 Steps to receive the summer at living room:

1. It is necessary to avoid using more than three colors in the room, without counting the neutral ones from black, white, and gray.
2. It is important to get rid of unused pieces, in order to save space in the house.
3. It is preferable to add colored covers to some of the "Abagorat", to reflect beautifully on the surrounding.
4. Attracting, distributing plants in the corners of rooms, using scented candles, using decorative plates, and adding a range of colorful dishes to the dining table.
5. Decorating ideas, also: extend a cover on the main "sofa" in the living room, or add some pillows to it.
6. From the granulator, replace the colored bedspreads with summer colors with the usual ones.

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