Outdoor Home Party Ideas By An Expert Designer

Outdoor Home Party Ideas By An Expert Designer

    Ideas from an expert designer for organizing outdoor home parties

    Outdoor Home Party Ideas
    Home outdoor event planning requires party ideas, the idea of "interior4design" readers with the decor of the house, the house garden or the roof, especially as the gentle autumn climate encourages it:

    Outdoor Home Party Ideas 1

    1. Decorative romantic concert

    place near the swimming pool or on the roof of the house (Rove), requires:
    🔲 Choose tables with transparent glass or white wood, and white or transparent chairs with red or white pads.
    🔲 Select a dim light in the shape of stars and hearts, distributed at the corners of the place. Also sprinkle red or white roses, with the addition of aromatic candles.
    🔲 The use of the distinctive "accessories" as "a cage with love birds, helium balloons and bouquets of flowers distributed in the palms and foyers, as well as a wooden base on which the words of love are written.

    Outdoor Home Party Ideas 3

    2. Decorative family ceremony

    Place the "Chalet" or garden home, and requires:
    ◽ The selection of rectangular tables made of glass, equipped with lighting units, as well as chairs made of acrylic, or replaced with a set of "puff", are distributed alongside terrestrial lamps.
    ◽ Producing artificial or natural roses, such as "Orcade", "Tulip" and cloves.
    ◽ Distribution of "accessories", especially colored sticks of different sizes, candles, roses and candlesticks.

    Outdoor Home Party Ideas 2

    3. Classic concert decor

    🔹 Choose tables made of brown wood or gilded tables, and chairs inlaid with gold.
    🔹 Using lanterns, lighting trees.
    🔹 The distribution of "accessories", such as statues, candles and crystal balls, as well as the selection of all food supplies suitable for the atmosphere.
    🔹 Install a session base decorated with roses and small cages.
    Outdoor Home Party Ideas 5

    4. Decorate the youth concert

    Place the "chalet" or next to the swimming pool, and requires:
    🔲 Selection of illuminated tables and seats, using laser techniques.
    🔲 The use of the smoke apparatus, the phosphor lights and drums, to enhance the peculiarity of decoration.

    Outdoor Home Party Ideas 4

    5. Decorative movie ceremony

    Garden place or house "Roof", requires:
    ◽ Choose a floor session and tables in the form of small boxes.
    ◽ Install Projector to display the movie, with dim lighting around the session.
    ◽ Place a juice cart and side table with dishes on top, as well as a popcorn machine.

    Outdoor Home Party Ideas 8

    6. Children's Concert Decoration

    🔹 Use a rectangular or round wooden table, and small wooden chairs suitable for children, decorating the place with balloons on shapes of cartoon characters.
    🔹 Choose the lighting in the form of lamps with stereoscopic cartoon characters, with a large drawing board, and the use of clown services.
    🔹 Choose rainbow colors for decoration.
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