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The "Mountain" Building: Revive The Green Wreath

This is what the "mountain" looks like, which will revive the Green Wreath

Architectural team Stattwerk Ltd. presented the conceptual solution for the future eco-center on Zeleni venac - the first energy-efficient building with green facades in Serbia.
The solution is characterized by an organic form, which resembles a lively, pulsating mountain located in the heart of Belgrade . This is a multifunctional facility, which will include, among other things, an eco-hab - center for education, work and professional development, as well as the first public viewing point in the city center, and a special part will be devoted to ecological transport modes.
The first soliter with green facades in Serbia will have a total area of ​​over 30,000, and the green facade will occupy 2,773 square meters . In addition to vertical green façade systems, on the outside of the building there will be additional greenery in the form of pots plants, and the roofs of a total area of ​​2,631 m² will also be green. The interior of the building will also be enriched with numerous plants.

Mountain in the middle of Belgrade: 2,773 square meters of green facade

The first soliter with green facades in Serbia will have a green facade of 2.737 square meters.

"The inspiration for the conceptual solution came from the analysis of the site itself - the Green Venus, which is one of the busiest and, therefore, the most polluted parts of the city. The idea of ​​our team is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the central city zone - by influencing the reduction of pollution and noise by green facades , as well as shorter road holding, which will contribute to the garage in our facility, "Stattwerk said.

"Our creative concept states that nature is larger than architecture. It is constantly changing - each season brings a new look, and therefore, through the changes, our building goes through. In the process of creating this solution we passed through different stages of reflection. From the lungs of the city, we came to the idea of ​​a mountain that is alive, a symbol of sustainable development and can put Belgrade on the world's architectural map. "

Ecological multifunctional building

The facility will be multifunctional. Eko-hab - the center for education and practical training of students, students and young scientists, will occupy four floors of the building and will consist of conference halls, classrooms, eco-shops and a fair, as well as work space for startups and individuals who develop green ideas .

The Stattwerk building will also include a business premise dedicated exclusively to ecologically-oriented companies and organizations, as well as apart-hotel. At the base will be a garage with 514 parking spaces , as well as parking for bikes and chargers for electric vehicles. The roof of the highest part of the building is designed for public viewing and eco-restaurant.

View from the street of Carice Milica
The consoles create a microclimate barrier between the interior and exterior of the building and at the same time control the decline of solar radiation in the summer and winter periods.

The design of the building is designed to optimize energy consumption. The consoles foreseen by the conceptual solution make the microclimate barrier between the interior and exterior of the building and at the same time control the decline of solar radiation in the summer and winter periods.

On board Stattwerk's building
Renewable energy sources
The project envisages the use of photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, geothermal energy , as well as heat exchange within sewage systems and the use of piezoelectric flooring.

The facility was conceived as a kind of case study for the functioning of already known renewable energy sources , as well as testing new technologies and bringing innovations in this field to the local expert and the general public.

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