Libraries Decorations Inside Celebrity Houses

Libraries Decorations Inside Celebrity Houses

    Libraries In The Houses Of Stars

    Libraries Decorations Inside Celebrity Houses
    Reading is a hobby for some West stars, which explains why they are assigned independent rooms that receive their books and give them their "decorations".
    "Interior Design" offers pictures of "decorations" attractive libraries, in the homes of famous stars:
    Australian actress Cate Blanchett appears to be a fan of reading. She has set up a separate room in her Australian home, Sydney, to have a simple library in her design. The latter includes several shelves, while the room's components reflect in their colors the taste of a high-spirited youth!

    2. David and Victoria Beckham

    In the home of duo David and Victoria Beckham, the couple who occupy pictures of Arab and Western art magazines, in the Gloucestershire district of the United Kingdom, dark walnut appears prominently on the walls of the office room.
    _ Work space adjacent to the window overlooking the garden; its components are limited to a table and chair.
    - Seating area with soft seats spread around a fireplace installed in the main wall.

    3. Antonio Banderas

    In the home of the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, in the state of California, the light wood decorates the walls of the reading room, the room with some shelves loaded with books and novels. The fireplace is not absent from this room, where a meeting of a sofa and two seats is covered by the skin. "Accessories" also share the classic identity of the lavish home.
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    4. Heidi Klum

    The German model, Heidi Klum, seems to like the classic style, the style that goes on the outskirts of her California home, specifically in the library room. The room, whose walls are lined with books in a visible or hidden way behind the glass facades, is furnished with a huge "Chesterfield" with brown leather, and a couch covered with purple velvet.
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