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35 Kitchen Coating Designs

35 Designs Of Kitchen Coatings

Kitchen Coating Designs
It was the time when the kitchen was only seen as a space to make daily meals, because nowadays all we want is to decorate our kitchen so that it is with our "face" and so that the your kitchen is exactly what you wanted.
Let's just bring down 35 models of kitchen coverings so you can get an idea of ​​how your kitchen gets by getting decorated with the coverings below and also for serving as decorating tips.
Kitchen Coating Designs
Nowadays the kitchen is not seen more as the place where we enter only to eat, because today it has gained a very important space inside a residence and is now seen as a place to gather friends, family and so this environment won a special attention and is being increasingly decorated with different materials.
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Let's talk about the wall coverings that is the trend of the moment and with these coatings we can create a contemporary environment and offers a more striking look for our kitchen.
Various coating options can be found and they can be in various materials such as stones, tiles, ceramics, mosaics, tiles, wood, porcelain, ceramics, glass tablets , marble and even burnt cement

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

These coatings can be placed in any corner of the kitchen, but usually they are placed behind the stove and sink just to protect that part of the kitchen from water and dirt. You'll also be able to dare on the lining of your kitchen, blending the textures and colors, creating a fun and distinctive environment. But beware of the hype.

1- White Tile Flooring

2- Tiling With Drawing Tile

3- Gold-plated Coating

4- Black And White Tile Flooring

5- Coating With Marble

6- Rectangular Tile Flooring

7- Coating With Wood And Pellets

8- Metallic And Rounded Coating

9- Coating With Larger Drawing Insert

10- Slate, Different And Daring

11- Black Brick Flooring

12- Coating Of Tablets With Neutral Tones

13- Flooring With Hydraulic Tile

Kitchen Coating Designs
14- Clean Tile Flooring

15- Colored Tile Flooring

16- Yellow Tile Flooring Simulating A Bamboo

17- Pink Tile Flooring

Kitchen Coating Designs
18- Brick Lining In Gray Color

19- Red Coating
Kitchen Coating Designs
20- Clear Tile Flooring

21- Gray Tile Flooring

Kitchen Coating Designs
22- Black, White And Yellow Tile Flooring

Kitchen Coating Designs
23- Blue Tile Flooring

24- Gray Tablet Coating

25- Black Tile Flooring

Kitchen Coating Designs
26- Rectangular Glass Insert With Colored Tiles

27- Tile-shaped Narrow Tile Flooring

Kitchen Coating Designs
28- Finish With Light Stone Fillets

Kitchen Coating Designs
29- Wallcovering With Insert And Wall

30- Coat With Large Metal Inserts

31- Coating With Small Tablets In Blue Tone

32- Missoni Style Blue Tile Flooring

33- Glass Tablet Countertop

34- Fillet-shaped Coating

35- Cover With Brown Tile And White Joint

How To Choose The Best Coatings?

When choosing the coatings for your kitchen you need to think about the details, both aesthetically and for cleaning, day by day, in short, if it is an easy to clean floor, it is not so slippery, that is, not always the price or the beauty should be taken into consideration. Always try to test the floors before you buy. Below we separate a guide to help you buy.
  • Always opt for quality products A, sometimes we have prices more in account of options with flaws, but as we are talking about the kitchen and an environment where people stay, we do not recommend the cheaper class models;
  • You have to think of the furniture so that they match, if the furniture will be clear, opt for a darker floor or vice versa;
  • Be careful with the floors, see if it is not slippery or if it is difficult to clean, you have to organize yourself for it;
  • Do not just go for the beauty, get in touch with the Manufacturer or sellers or even test the floor.

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