100 Fitted Kitchens: Plan Your Kitchen With These Contemporary Designs

100 Fitted Kitchens: Plan Your Kitchen With These Contemporary Designs

    100 Contemporary Fitted Kitchens Designs

    Fitted Kitchens
    Convenience and beauty are two words to define well the Planned Kitchen, a personalized environment that is increasingly sought after by people interested in having an organized, beautiful and comfortable home.
    Also known as American cuisine, thanks to the inspirations of this type of project, widely used in the United States, it combines with virtually any type of property, be it a house, apartment, kitnet or loft, no matter the size of the residence. Usually these models are used because they better take advantage of the wall space that would divide the environments, to take advantage of this wall, you can opt for several models of counter for American cuisine that exists in the market.
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    Very functional, the assembled kitchen, another name by which it is popularly called, is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to turn this classic room into a place far beyond the space where meals are prepared, and can be used, for example, to receive the friends for that chat or business meeting.

    Fitted Kitchen Designs

    Thinking about renovating the house and investing in a brand new functional kitchen to completely change the face of the property? So, you need to make a good, planned kitchen project, drawn up by an architect, designer or other professional.
    To have the kitchen of dreams you must start with the project, developed from the measures of space and the needs of the owner, among other factors. The drawing should take into account some areas within the available space, such as the areas of washing, cooking, warehousing, utensils and food.
    It is also necessary to know if the user intends to use the environment to receive visits and analyze the hydraulic and electrical parts, so that the appliances are well positioned and do not need to make major changes in these requirements, which can generate higher costs.
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    There are several designs of American kitchens available on the internet, of different sizes, colors, materials and utensils. But for your kitchen to be perfect, the ideal is to hire a professional to create a specific design for your room, with the exact measurements and your preferences.
    By choosing a perfect design, you can enjoy the advantages of the planned kitchen, such as:
    Functionality and organization;
    Better use of space;
    Furniture tailored to the size of the kitchen;
    Free circulation flow;
    Facilitates the integration of environments;
    Valuation of the property.

    Planned Kitchen Models

    There are plenty of kitchen designs designed to appeal to a variety of profiles and styles, ranging from people looking for simpler versions and small kitchens to those looking for luxury designs and also for huge kitchens.
    The models can have, for example, colorful furniture, one of the current trends, adding more life and joy to the environment, or else follow the industrial style, which is also high and combines well with lofts.
    Minimalist American kitchens are another popular model, appearing as the best choice for those who do not have much space available or do not want to overfill the room. There are also the most rustic models, in which the presence of wood in furniture and other parts of the environment is great.
    And we can not forget the retro-designed kitchens, furnished with furniture and utensils with an aesthetic inspired by models from the past, and, of course, luxurious kitchens for those who have a greater investment power and can dare a lot in the choices.
    Among the main options, there are also two models developed according to the size of the environment:

    Little Kitchen

    In modern projects in which space saving appears prominently, small planned kitchens appear as the best alternative, as they are developed not to overload the environment, without leaving aside practicality and sophistication.
    In these models, the circulation space is one of the priorities, and for that, usually they have built-in furniture that bring large amounts of offices and offices, as well as niches and some tricks to increase the sense of space, such as the use of mirrored objects .
    Another striking feature of small American kitchens is the presence of countertops and other elements that facilitate integration with other home environments. Light colors and neutral tones are good companions for this style.

    Large Kitchen

    For those who have plenty of room at home, the large planned kitchen is the perfect choice, allowing daring in the design, including spacious cabinets, huge countertops, coffee tables and other types of furniture.

    But be careful not to overstate the amount of furniture and objects in the spacious kitchens, as they may end up losing its main feature, which is that of functionality, also taking mobility in the room.
    Another tip is to combine the colors of the furniture and utensils well with the walls and the floor, besides not forgetting the lighting, that can make all the difference also in the kitchens with reduced space.

    Fitted Kitchen Photos

    Looking for inspiration to develop your project? Check out more pictures of the planned kitchen below and enjoy the suggestions!