Dormitory Decor Ideas For College Girls

Dormitory Decor Ideas For College Girls

    Ideas For College Girls' Dormitories

    In addition to taking care of the "decorations" of girls' university dormitories, it is important to meet several functions. In this context, the decoration engineer "Diala Ghmrawi", the importance of the availability of the corner of study, and the preservation of clothing. It is the readers of "" on the basics and "decorations" university girls' rooms, as follows:

    1. Study angle

    Including the basics and "decorations", in the corner of the study:
    ❄ The library is in a spacious room, consisting of shelves or storage units, as well as an office desk. In the narrow room, the study angle should be versatile. For example, cabinet shelves that turn into an office table when needed, or an office table that occupies a fixed part of the cabinet, and at the top contain storage units and shelves.
    ❄ The bed turns into a "sofa", down the window.
    ❄ The office, which looks like an extension to one of the side tables, connects to the desk.
    On the other hand, it is preferable to place the desk near the window, as natural lighting stimulates study and concentration. It is also desirable to distribute green seedlings in the study angle, as they generate positive energy.
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    2. Garment angle

    ❄ In the spacious room, the dressing corner is an independent room in the bedroom and has open, non-enclosed cabinets.
    ❄ In the narrow room, the objects must be distributed in a practical and attractive manner. In this room, frames containing inside the walls can be replaced with accessories for wall panels.

    3. Colors

    ❄ It is preferred to choose the basic furniture in a neutral color, such as white and beige, light gray, light brown and hazelnut, with the introduction of the favorite colors according to the personality of each girl, to the "accessories" and details, such as bedspreads and pillows.
    ❄ It is necessary to avoid painting the walls in stark colors, but in neutral colors. If you want to insert strong colors into walls, it is better to use panels.

    4. Lighting

    ❄ The hidden lighting units are distributed in the corners of the study corner, with Abagor placed on the desk.
    ❄ The side of the bed is dimly lit, with a dimmer that helps control the power of the light.

    5. Assign a corner to each girl's hobbies

    For example: in front of the mirror to the identity of the dance, and to save the favorite instrument of music lover.