18 Dorm Room Design Ideas: Double And Single

18 Dorm Room Design Ideas: Double And Single


    Dorm Room Design Ideas
    Having a space in your home to work or to study or even to spend a few hours is essential as it is a way to have a corner just for certain tasks, even if these are just to pass the time.
    Ideally, this place has its face, that can have its space and that is why we brought  18 Double and Single Room , after all, both married and single want to have a place in the room where they can work , solve their problems in comfort, do work, anyway. Check out some desk models which is one of the best options for those who want to make a mini office in the room.


    There are several ways and ways of setting up a study or work environment within a room and one of them, of course, is using the desk. So far so good, but you must be wondering where to put a desk when the place is small, that is, when there is more room for nothing inside the room, and the answer is very simple.

    There are several models of desk and several ways to put this item in your room and this is what we are showing with the images below.

    When the room is small, the first thing to do is select a space that is "empty" or rather, that there are conditions to fit anything else and it is in this space that you must invest, that is, nowadays there are planned furniture and also other ways of putting a piece of furniture in a small space.

    If your room is large, great, because you will not have problems with the lack of space and you can dare in the model of your desk.

    Dorm Rooms Pictures

    In spite of the few models that we have brought, they are enough for us to see how to decorate a room being a double or single with a desk that is very useful for several occasions.

    • Built-in desk on the wall in the bedroom
    • White desk in the dorm room
    • Blue lacquered writing desk in bedroom
    Dorm Room Design Ideas
    • Wooden desk with in-room drawer
    • Writing desk in bed in dorm bedroom
    • Writing desk with drawers in bedroom
    • Desk suspended over bed in bedroom
    • Writing desk for men's dorm rooms
    Dorm Room Design Ideas
    • Small desk in dorm room
    • In-room long-term desk
    • Desk in place of the bedside table in the room
    Dorm Room Design Ideas
    • Red desk in the room
    • Desk with wooden base and metallic foot in the room
    • Built-in desk with shelves in bedroom
    • Work desk in the bedroom corridor
    • Desk next to the bed
    Dorm Room Design Ideas
    • Desk with vanity in dorm room
    • Slippers in room
    Now that you've got a base for how your room can hold a desk, do not waste any more time and use the ideas we brought you to set up your own room with a desk.