Doors in the room decor

Doors in the room decor

    13 Doors Designs In The Room Decor

    The door, is an element of decoration, also confers privacy on the rooms. A group of ores are made of doors, most notably:
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    1. Wood:

     There are three kinds of wood doors, namely:
    ⭐Doors made of natural hardwood, from beech (oak) and oak. It is distinguished by its weight, strength and ability to withstand sculpture, engraving and unloading, which makes it the most expensive.
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    Wood-clad doors: Often carry a frame of natural Swedish wood with a width of about 8 centimeters, shielding the walls of the German Fontex. The latter are strong, similar to treated and compressed sawdust, and may be close and compact and contribute to sound insulation.
    Shaft Door Doors: The doors are made of wood husk, in principle, ie, they are two wooden shells that sit on the boards of sawdust. The doors are less expensive than others.

    2. Iron:

     Iron doors are solid, and resist the theft to some extent, the fact that breaking into it is difficult. The material is often used to make the door of the outside house, or that of the garden. Iron doors can be painted with a number of eye-catching paints.

    3. Aluminum:

    Lightweight metal, durable, corrosion resistant, rust resistant and easy to form. Doors made of aluminum are therefore desirable and desirable.
    Fire resistant and armored doors
    There are two types of fireproof doors, one of which can withstand 30 to 120 minutes of resistance, without smoke or fire. The second American can withstand 20 to 120 minutes of resistance, depending on the thickness of the filling used, the type of rubber condensate that can be used in heat, the thickness of the throat and its specifications for humidity and density. These doors fit the kitchen and escape exit, in the event of a fire. Armored doors, in turn, are durable, hard to break into or break for theft. It is also resistant to heat, sound, bacteria, dust and lead. It is noteworthy that it is armored from the inside with steel. These doors can be coated with wood, to look attractive.