Corner Sofa Designs: Pricing And Where To Buy

Corner Sofa Designs: Pricing And Where To Buy

    Corner Sofa Designs

    If you are going to renovate the decoration of the room and still have not decided on which sofa designs to choose, a very interesting option is on the corner sofa, ideal version to enjoy all the corners of the environment.

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    Corner sofa

    Considered the most important furniture in the room, the sofa is an essential piece for the design of this space and therefore needs to be chosen with attention, since it is also responsible for giving all comfort and warmth to the residents and visitors.
    In the case of the corner sofa, this is a perfect option for small rooms, as it adapts easily to the wall, leaving much of the environment free for circulation and other furniture. But nothing prevents it from being used in other types of rooms, even in those where there is plenty of room.


    Versatile, sophisticated and functional, today's corner sofa designs, such as L-shaped and modular versions, adapt to any type of environment. In smaller rooms, for example, bet on two-seater corner sofas that give the room an elegant feel and still leave room for racks, shelves and other furniture.

    Corner sofa

    For a medium sized room, you can invest in a 3 seater corner sofa. There are even some sofa designs with chaise corner perfect for this type of environment, bringing a very comfortable option for users (chaise is the extension of one of the seats, making it possible to keep legs stretched).
    In large rooms, it is possible to choose sofas with a corner of 4 seats or more, and he does not even have to lean against the wall. An alternative is to position it in the center of the room, for example, by using it as a room separator in a conjugated room.

    Regarding colors, opt for neutral tones (white, brown, gray, black, nude and beige) if you do not want to miss, remembering that there are designs manufactured with the most varied types of coatings (leather, velvet, chenille, twill, etc.). ) and finishes (plain, printed, embroidered and straight are some of the alternatives).


    And the prices of the corner sofa, in what range are they? The 2-seat designs cost, on average, from $ 600.00, while the 3-seat versions cost around $ 900.00. The sofas of 4 places cost in the range of $ 1,100.00 and designs of 5 or more places can be found from $ 1,500.00.

    Stores such as Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia, Mobly, Extra and Ricardo Eletro are some of the options where you can find the sofas in L for sale, as well as furniture and decoration stores, both physical and online.
    Search well and enjoy the promotions!

    See more corner sofa designs in the photos below and get inspired to decorate your living room.