15 Wonderful Shelves For Storage And Decoration

15 Wonderful Shelves For Storage And Decoration

    Shelves For Storage And Decoration

    The shelves represent the key to successful decoration; besides its important function of storage, it gives good selection to walls. Their sizes, shapes and materials vary according to the nature of their uses and the pattern of decoration used.
    Raw materials used in the manufacture of shelves, including: glass, wood and metal. Each of these materials has advantages. "The glass shelves are wide open, because of the transparency of the material, especially after adding the appropriate lighting, which is used in most of the rooms of the house, such as kitchen, bathroom and bathroom, and resist moisture and water," Ali Hussain said. "The wooden shelves, in turn, look practical and can be painted in several colors that match the decor of the room, and the metal shelves are embossed, especially in the bathroom and storage rooms.
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    They also resist moisture and water, and look great when mixed with wood." "The MDF shelves, which are coated with melamine, are of high quality and long lasting."

    Expert Tips For Shelves

    A number of things must be taken into account when installing racks on walls, including:
    ➫ The nature of the wall on which the shelf will be installed, and the capacity of its potential.
    ➫ B, which he will carry.

    Shelves Forms and Uses

    The shape of the shelf depends on its use and the angle it occupies. Some shelves hold their position individually on the wall in a distinctive way, or can be placed in a group with various objects that may be mounted on or adjacent to the wall. Some of the shelves are self-contained decorative units, and are easily relocated from time to time. They are often located in angles and corners. It is abbreviated with pieces of carved wood or blocks of plaster, loaded with artifacts.

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