8 Decorative Tips for Choosing Home Flooring - 20 Best Home Flooring Designs

8 Decorative Tips for Choosing Home Flooring - 20 Best Home Flooring Designs

    8 Decorating Tips for Choosing Home Flooring

    In the following, 8 decorating tips from interior4design.com help in selecting home flooring, but it is necessary to take into consideration the function of the place, its area, its location in the house map, the degree of lighting, the climate and the decoration style, in addition to the budget allocated for this purpose. Note that some tiles are expensive:
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    1. The wall tile is not suitable for flooring, since it is not thick and strong enough. But, there are factories that produce the same colors and patterns of wall tiles and floors, and can be used for anyone looking for this kind of decoration.
    2. There are three degrees of brilliance of the ceramic tile, which is the most common because of its strength and resistance humidity and high temperature, as well as easy to clean, and porcelain, which is sometimes close to the form of natural marble: It is not possible to determine the superiority of one over the other. But, when it comes to safety, the tiled tile is the best, because it does not cause slipping, especially in the bathroom.
    3. Do not mind paving tiles on wood floor, provided that the latter is stable, stable and well supported, to bear the weight of the tiles.
    4. New tiles can be paved on the old tiles, provided that the latter is free of bending. The old tiles can also be roughed with sandpaper and covered with a layer of PVC adhesive for greater rigidity before the new tile is placed.
    5. It is not advisable to use a white material for paving tiles in areas that are constantly trampled by feet or those that reach the garden, as their color will change over time. On the other hand, it is preferable to use other colors, such as Kalbig, for her.
    6. If the area to be paved with tiles in the form of No. 8 and open to each other, it should be treated as a single room and paved with the same color and type of tiles for aesthetic reasons and visual.
    7. Natural stone can give extra aesthetic value to the kitchen and bathroom, as well as warm and easy to clean, comes in beautiful natural colors.
    8. It is preferable to move away from the porcelain, which is manufactured in a way that is close to natural stone. It is best to keep the Porcelain as it is, since its falsification and imitation can be easily detected, thus losing its beauty.
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    Best Home Flooring Designs

    Let's see these amazing home flooring designs and get the inspiration for our future house:

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