Decorating Tips For Choosing Best Home Paint Colors

Decorating Tips For Choosing Best Home Paint Colors

    Decorating Tips For Good Choice Of Home Paint Colors

    Best Home Paint Colors Tips
    The right combination of the best home paint colors tips leads to a remarkable home decor. "Interior4design" readers are looking at how colors are used in the corners of the house. Some colors have always been associated with luck, pleasure and love, others with pessimism, illness and distress. The Pharaohs divide colors into: warm and cold, and the division reflects the psychological feeling that prevails, whether warm or cold. Radiant colors, such as red, orange and yellow in degrees, give a sense of warmth and warmth, while those that fall under the blue and green, give a sense of coldness and serenity.

    Best Home Paint Colors Tips

    Let's find out what colors are best suites your home decor
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    1. Warm colors

    🎵 Red: The room is given a smaller size if used to paint the walls, while the pieces of furniture with the color mentioned require attendance. Therefore, it is recommended to use red in decor, spacious rooms, entrances or lounges and kitchens, as it opens the appetite. However, the color should not be concentrated in the room, since the excessive use of the interior decoration gives the opposite feeling, such as narrowness and anxiety. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid painting the walls of the entire room, but to use it on a specific wall, with pieces of furniture and "accessories" scattered colored red in the table. It gives good results, when used with white in the bedrooms, and with a little black or gray in the living rooms. Note that it shows with crystal infinite luxury.
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    🎵 Orange: Relieves tension, combines physical energy extended from red, intellectual energy derived from yellow, and symbolizes humility, happiness and love, in Japan. It fits the walls of the spacious living room, specifically the apricot or peach terraces, or when blending the white with orange sofas. It is also recommended in children's rooms. It is ideal with white and black.
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    🎵 Yellow: Fun and activity is common when used in sitting rooms. In this context, it is recommended to choose a warm yellow-painted booklet or as a yellow-cloth sofa. Note that it needs white lighting. However, it is best not to paint the walls with it. In contrast, yellow is used to lighten the white, and decorators call it "cold yellow", in the wall paint it is used in all rooms of the house, which is consistent with other colors.
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    2. Cold colors

    🎵 Blue: suggests calmness and tranquility, and the color of the sky and sea suitable for spacious areas and designed for relaxation and meditation, as well as bedrooms and study. It is recommended to use it in the narrow rooms, because it works to highlight them wide, and to show their details.
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    🎵 Green: Relaxes the eye and the soul, and is used in narrow spaces, because it gives it a greater visual dimension, and evokes nature. The use of light color is preferred in coating kitchen walls or cabinets, or in the "accessories".
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    3. Colors located between hot and cold

    🎵 Purple: Its violet, lilac, scarlet, and syphilis gradations are historically royal colors. It is warmer, more romantic and warmer when darkened and rounded from the red, calm and relaxing, inviting to relax when lightened and faded from the azure, and is usually used in sitting rooms or salons.
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    🎵 Gray: Modern gray decorators describe the classic, cool, cool, Greek-era painting. It is used as an upscale background for other colors, and it suits all colors at different temperatures. All rooms are suitable, especially the office rooms. It integrates with different colors, especially basic neutral colors, such as black, white and brown. It also highlights its beauty, with silver, beige and ivory.
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    🎵 White and Black: Two colors are neutral, have a high capacity to absorb all other colors and adapt to them smoothly. White suits the paint walls of bedrooms or children's play, as bathrooms and kitchens. Black is called the "master of colors" and is classical and ancient. The use of "accessories" increases gold and silver. Decorators are advised to use both colors in the living rooms. There is no objection to painting a black wall with some other touches on the walls and various colored "accessories".

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