8 Fifties Decorating Ideas - 50's Fifties Inspirational Decorations

8 Fifties Decorating Ideas - 50's Fifties Inspirational Decorations
    8 ideas for decorations of the fifties
    Inspiration by the 1950s 'decorations', one of the simpler ways to make the contemporary house look fun and bold, amidst delightful colors, intertwined patterns and furniture that emits rock and roll! The 1950s-era "decorations" were rebellious for decades before, characterized by classical and decorative motifs.
    The lines and colors of the "decoration" of the graceful and practical 1950s show that the Art Deco lines that emerged in the 1930s are not the era of the real revolution that allowed people to breathe the winds of change after the First and Second World Wars. Among the ideas to help make the "decorations" of the era mentioned in the contemporary home, multi-designer Mei Hakim, the following:
    1. The use of one of the famous pieces of furniture belonging to the era of the fifties or similar furniture that is full of exhibitions, as well as triangular tables or take the form of kidneys of different sizes and heights.
    2. Warm materials are the secret, so it is recommended to use wood and leather in the furniture mainly.
    3. Blending colors in a thoughtful way, especially those sparkling, such as red, blue, orange and green.
    4. Use fabrics decorated with vegetal motifs, which are geometrically designed.
    5. Use large engravings on the walls to be in the background, and apply them either using paints or wallpaper, even if it is on one side of the room.
    6. Coordination between colors and engravings selected, in a way that does not look chaotic room.
    7. Drawing up a painting on the favorite character of the owner or a member of his family in the "Pop Art" style, which prevailed in the late fifties, while hanging on a wall.
    8. Use "accessories" inspired by that period, such as "plastic" watches, colorful clothing ties or brightly colored "plastic" lamps.