7 Things to Know When You Design Your Bathroom

7 Things to Know When You Design Your Bathroom

    7 Information when processing bathroom decor

    Sanitary ware is the centerpiece of the bathroom decor, requiring coordination between its designs and the basics of space, walls, roof and floor. In this context, Engineer Randa Kh. has some information related to the following:

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     Bathroom Design Secrets 

    1. Ivory and white colors stand out today, with the introduction of lighter touches, such as: blue or gray to design. Needless to say, sanitary ware sizes should be proportionate to the vacuum that they will receive, noting that recent hygienic toolbars are simple.
    2. After the walls of the bathroom were similar before, the popular style finally calls for a wall to be distinguished in its design from the other. After the floor tiles and walls were harmonious, today the roof and the floor are different.
    3. Wood enters the bathroom area, and experts advise that the chosen material for the bathroom be followed by other work inside the house. For example: Zibrano wood or walnut ...
    4. After the sanitary ware was installed on the floor, it is higher than in its modern designs.
    5. More than one window can be distributed in the bathroom, making natural light flood the place. Note that the presence of the window is necessary to ventilate the place.
    6. The large mirror is no longer associated with the space of the bathroom, but is now limited to the small size of it.
    7. Place one of the "Shower" places on the glass and leave open on the other, allowing free movement. The size of the bathtub is determined by wood.
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