Wood In Interior Design

Wood In Interior Design

    11 Wood Decorations That Going to Generate You Great Interior Designs

    The flexibility and durability of the wood makes it an attractive and durable interior decoration. Wood is included in the design of the house, its furniture and its foundations, including ceilings and walls.
    Eng. Khalid Al-Kanani informs readers of "Interior4Design" about the advantages of wood, and some of its uses in interior decoration.
    The limits of wood uses are greater in interior decoration, and each type of wood has a special style of use. There are two main categories of natural wood, namely: solid wood and soft wood. Solid wood (oak, walnut, beech, mahogany and teak) is characterized by properties that make it suitable for floors, doors and upscale furniture, due to its lack of contract, often for its long time, in addition to its good resistance to moisture.
    On the other hand, soft wood (Swedish, white and fir) is suitable for fine carpentry, as well as parquet floors and furniture.
    On the other hand, there are many types of industrial wood, the most prominent of which are the Abelaj, the MDF and the Latte, which are standard specifications suitable for certain uses and at an appropriate cost, such as kitchen design, light household furniture and furniture exposed to difficult weather conditions, Sound and heat. Wood roofs and walls are used in some works for the purpose of beautification, as well as to solve some problems and technical defects.

    Important Tips

    ➡ Before purchasing wood, you should inspect it and make sure it is safe and free from defects and contractions. The smaller the contract, the better.
    ➡ Dark wood is on the narrow "parquet" floor, so it is recommended to choose light wood when space is limited. The parallel and parallel lines highlight the length of the room.
    ➡ To maintain the quality of the collectibles and the age of the wood, it is preferable to take care of the continuous clean, not exposed to the sun, because they change color and cause dehydration and the disappearance of its luster.

    Experienced Wood Care Recipes in Interior Decor:

    In the following, tested recipes for care of wood:
    1. Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil and lemon juice, then dip a piece of cloth into the mixture. Wipe the place of scratching, then sprinkle a few drops of the mixture on a piece of cloth, and wipe the wood.
    2. Pour the water cup into the sprayer pack, add a quarter cup of vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. Then, shake the packaging, mix well to mix. Sprinkle a little of this mixture on the wood furniture, then dry it with a cloth.
    3. Break the walnut into two parts, and place the scratching in a circular way, until the oil is absorbed from the inside of the nut. Dry the scratching area with a soft cloth, after 2 minutes.

    Wood gives aesthetic and luxury to home decoration ... Share your comments