Tips For Choosing The Appropriate Lighting In The Interior Decoration

Tips For Choosing The Appropriate Lighting In The Interior Decoration

    Tips For Interior Design Lighting

    Enrich thoughtful lighting, achieve visual comfort and help relax. While emphasizing her primary role in interior decoration, she has an attractive piece of furniture in the furniture showroom, but just because she is moved to the house, she looks faint! Expert M. El Nasser reviews the "Interior 4 Design" readers on the home lighting design guidelines, ideally:

    Common Lighting Errors :

    The distribution of their devices at random.
    😊 Produce annoying glare, due to lack of use of good devices.
    😊 Distancing its focus from the important elements in the room, such as: paintings or antiques, what it loses attractiveness. Note that not lighting the rose vase to you parallel to the rest of the room, for example, causes the loss of luster and show dim, and vice versa.
    😊 Excessive use of devices that do not fit the size and shape of the place.
    On the other hand, home lighting is divided into: 
    General lighting, central lighting and decorative lighting. In the following, an overview of each section:
    😇 General lighting: illuminates the entire room, and allows the exercise of various activities.
    😇 Central lighting: The aesthetics of precious artifacts, paintings, pictures and plants stand out and dominate these elements more than five times the general lighting.
    😇 Lighting for decoration: embodied by two types: chandeliers and specialized professional devices.

    Examples Of Lighting Design In Different Rooms:

    1. Saloon: The lighting varies in this area according to the nature of the reception, whether formal or informal, as the official need to moderate and quiet, non-formal required high, and does not require recourse to those of the decoration.
    2. Bedroom: The bedroom needs a quiet and light lighting, so it is suitable for general lighting (spot light) with secondary lighting. In this context, it is recommended to focus lighting on paintings and antiques, preferably all types of devices are capable of controlling its strength.
    3. Kitchen: The general lighting in the kitchen should be high, as the business in this place requires. It is recommended to put lighting under the upper cabinets spread threads on the table below, as repeated use of sharp cooking utensils, which require high lighting. The devices can be placed above these cabinets in a way that contributes to lighting the kitchen in general indirectly, making it comfortable, and reduces the annoying glare. It is preferred to put lighting for decoration suitable for the height of the kitchen and furniture, to carry the classical or modern style, according to the school followed by this place.
    4. The ladder and the corridors: The guiding light can be placed on the stairs, which helps the residents of the house at night, when the general lighting is closed. The corridors are illuminated by a wall lighting, with emphasis on directing others focused on the important elements.
    5. Bathroom: The lighting adjacent to the mirror is high, because of the nature of the use, so that look back to the face, while avoiding the "Spot Light" over the head, to avoid being a high shade. The latter can be replaced by a front lighting position either above, behind, or behind the mirror.