The Passion And Studied Steps .. Amira Al Otaibi's Professional Mix In The Decoration World

The Passion And Studied Steps .. Amira Al Otaibi's Professional Mix In The Decoration World

    The Passion And Studied Steps .. Amira Al Otaibi's Professional Mix In The Decoration World

    The world of decoration for Amira Al Otaibi is an area of ​​creativity, creativity and innovation. It sees the decorations around us as a mirror reflecting the high artistic sense. Every decorative touch is a translation of our current and future personality. Characterized, supported by her unlimited passion in this field.

    We met with the distinguished Saudi woman in the field of decoration, Amira Al Otaibi, to get to know her first steps in this field, her opinion about the basics of the successful decor, as well as her advice on obtaining a distinctive decor in the houses.

    Tell us about your first steps in this area.

    I have been working for almost 3 years to sharpen my talent and develop it by going deeper into this field and participating in many specialized courses, but I consider myself still a beginner, so I work in a distance and ideas and partial designs and in collaboration with a number of professional designers with experience in specialized companies such as the foundation of decoration, the world of decoration is a deep and great world, and I do not consider myself to have reached the stage of professionalism yet.

    What is the idea of ​​your Instagram account?

    I took my account in Al-Anastaqam to transfer what I like about the decorations and the latest designs of Arabic and foreign, and interested in presenting some of the work of professional designers, in short, I considered my magazine a specialized magazine for the fans of luxury to draw their ideas from the latest designs and decorations Arab and international, so as not to bother to search in Companies and many decoration sites.

    Does the decor follow a certain fashion?

    Certainly, the décor, the designs and the architectural arts in general have a fashion and shouts like any other field, and the best proof that we see every year the emergence of new formulations of the decor with modern designs and different from the previous year.

    What are the basics of successful home decor?

    The basics of successful decoration are design, coordination and distribution, each of which has a prominent role in decorating. First, find the appropriate design and employ the right decor for it. Then comes the role of coordination, which includes colors, wallpaper, wood and lighting. The picture is completed by how to properly distribute all pieces of furniture, antiques and other household accessories.

    Do Saudi women tend to be classical, modern or neoclassical?

    In the nature of the case there is no accurate reading can be determined and determine a certain proportion of the tendency of the Saudi women to the side, many things are controlled by, such as the type and size of the house and the external structure and physical capacity, for example small houses do not suit the classic style and suited by the modern On the contrary, the neo-classical style is more expensive than others.

    What is the most important advice to get a distinctive decor in homes?

    I advise everyone who intends to take the step of building a house to pay special attention to the visit of the decorator before the construction plan is dedicated because the decorator has a different opinion about the civil engineer or architectural opinion through his work, practice and experience in this field. A decorator may be making some modifications to windows or doors or some walls, which can save the homeowner a lot of money, effort and time.
    A final word ... At the end of this interview, I would like to thank "Interior Design" magazine for supporting me and giving me this opportunity to make this dialogue enjoyable and interesting. I hope that I have benefited from the benefit of readers and readers through my humble information. I do not forget to thank Through "she" all the followers of the account "decor Amirah" and please ask me excuse because I can not reply to all their messages.
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