The Most Beautiful Creations Of Milano Design Week 2018

The Most Beautiful Creations Of Milano Design Week 2018

    The Most Beautiful Creations Of Milano Design Week 2018

    At the end of the Milano Design Week 2018 (the Del Mobile 2018 Salone), this big event ends with a series of important works and fascinating designs that will start with the spread of promising talents in which the UAE had a large share. Ten prominent designers took part in this exhibition with the support of the Ministry of Culture And the development of knowledge and the work of their distinctive fingerprint in the East, in addition to the distinguished work has become famous and emerged from a large range of designs will display some of the pictures.

    Highlights of the show are at Salone Del Mobile Milano 2018

    Dimore Studio: A well-known name for use in color. The exhibition is a tent in a room with a clear touch of Italian feeling.

    Hermes: If you have not only finished the beauty of his luxury fashion and the designs of utensils and dining items, he added to this exhibition tile designs showing his final collection of wallpaper, furniture and blankets.

    Villa Borsani: A villa presented by the designer and architect Osvaldo Borsani: to his twin brother in 1950 and remained unused to a nearby day where life was restored again after a series of changes and additions that made it a worthy place to visit, available until September 15.

    Cristina Celestino: The architect and designer who drew her attention is an old train dating back to 1928 that was restored with attractive designs that attracted attention.

    Rooms: Behind this name are designed Keti Toloraia, Nata Janberidze created a collection of marble furniture and graffiti designs on the seats.

    Louis Vuitton Objects: Always keen to be present in design exhibitions this time by designing a diamond mirror with Marcel Wanders and Patricia Urquiola.

    There are a lot of designs in different fields that can not be limited and collected only a large demonstration the size of the Salon de Mobil, we mentioned some of them and added pictures other works.

     Interior Design : The Most Beautiful Creations Of Milano Design Week 2018