The House Of Snapchat Founder, Evan Spiegel

The House Of Snapchat Founder, Evan Spiegel

    Evan Spiegel's house The Founder Of Snapchat

    Evan Spiegel, who launched the rocket in the world of fame and money, after the application of Snape Chat, which founded the world fame and record profits, and even refused to sell to Facebook for $ 3 billion dollars, experts now say the current value of the current chip exceeds $ 4 billion.

    Evan Spiegel buys Harrison Ford's house

    Evan Spiegel recently purchased a $ 12 million home with his fiancée Miranda Care in Los Angeles after buying a $ 3.3 million home at the end of 2014. The new home was owned by Harrison Ford for a long time.

    The house of the founder of Snape Chat new area of ​​2150 m

    The house is located according to press reports on an area of ​​about 2150 square meters and provided with many recreational facilities, including a swimming pool and views, a fitness hall and a reception room, in addition to a library and seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

    Equipped with luxury marble and gray wood, Evan Spiegel's luxury home

    The walls and windows of the luxurious Evan Spiegel house allow access to the sun, the kitchen floor is equipped with marble, and the dining room is covered with gray wood.