Secret Decorations Attract The Energy Of Love And Money To Your Home

Secret Decorations Attract The Energy Of Love And Money To Your Home

    Secret Decorations Attract The Energy Of Love And Money To Your Home

    We have recognized, or have not recognized, all of us, somewhere, looking for this dual love and money, looking for love in the eyes of others, and panting for money every morning and with every sunrise.

    But what we do not all know is that you can attract the energy of love and money to your home through small touches and subtle changes in decor recommended by energy science experts Feng Shui.

    How do you attract love energy to your life through decor?

    - To put the legs of the sofa on the carpet ignoring the wall, at least the front legs, they promote communication between people and the distance between them.

    - Use the colors of the dice and red degrees, pink color is the color of love and joy, happiness and romance, but light blue is the symbol of positive relations.

    - Distribute the furniture in two binaries, such as coordinating the corner of the room with two chairs, and it is important to make sure that the bed in the bedroom surrounded by two tables and lighting fixtures even if you are single.

    - Images and souvenirs are one of the most things that create an atmosphere of intimacy by showing off your personal things as if you want to share them and openness to the other, but stay away from family photos in your bedroom is the place for the partner only.

    - Maintaining privacy in the bedroom, which is one of the basic rooms in the homes that are looking for the energy of love, by closing the doors of neighboring rooms such as bathroom or office or separated by curtains if there is no separation wall, and if there is a sitting corner place The two chairs face each other and make sure to select the small furniture to create the largest possible space of free space.

    If you are single or single leave an extra space in your closet do not fill it to a potential partner or seek for it.

    - Buy paintings related to love or statues symbolize him like Venus, the god of love and beauty of the Romans.

    - If the dining room table is circular, if possible, it is the second most important room after the bedroom in terms of attracting the energy of love.

    How do you change your home decor to become richer and richer?

    - Distribution of home accessories in groups of four, such as placing four positions of candles on the table or four flowers in one glass vase.

    - Select colors from blue and violet degrees.

    - Present quotations and quotes about luxury and wealth, or phrases that stimulate action and activity.

    - Use fabrics such as fur, leather or silk in furniture, carpets or accessories such as pillows and sheets, and it is also useful to add the inscription of animal skins in small details in the decoration.

    - Water is very important in homes that seek their owners for abundance and richness such as small waterfalls or aquariums that give a vibrant atmosphere and activity through their voice and movement. Water in energy science stimulates prosperity and prosperity and symbolizes money, but do not use them in the bedrooms.

    - Natural flowers of the gradations of red and violet and plants with circular leaves such as jade plant called luck plant or money tree.

    "Get rid of the chaos to increase prosperity, what you do not use does not love it and you do not need it. Spaces mean opportunities," says Karen Rauch Carter, a writer and science expert Feng Shui.
    For a home that shines with love and passion for small details that promote success in life, make some of these changes in your home decor.