Oriental Decor For A Luxury Home

Oriental Decor For A Luxury Home

    Oriental Decor For A Luxury Home

    To return to the beautiful time in order to reach the interior decoration carries the originality and originality you must choose your home decoration with a charming oriental character, charming with its lines and elegant decorations and its distinctive strengths that give the space intimate and warm.

    This is what the oriental character carries when you work in the interior decoration of your home in different rooms as we will see in the pictures.

    Oriental character forms within the rooms of the house:

    Bathrooms: The old-fashioned ceramic in its colors and architectural designs in the interior decoration of the bathroom uses the old-style tools in a new and modern style, the fintag mirrors, the wall lighting devices.

    All of the details give your bathroom a charming oriental character.

    - Seating and reception rooms: the arches at the entrance to the living or reception rooms, the frescoes called the mascara, where the valuable pieces of art, the luxurious oriental carpets on the precious marble floor.

    So you get a living room or reception room with a high oriental feel.

    • Bedrooms: Roll-down curtains on the bed within a wooden or metal structure, the design of the wooden bed embellished behind a wall carrying a carpet tells the story of history, luminous lanterns add to the bedroom decor a touch of romance in a great oriental style.
    • Entrance: the arches and arches with Arabic decoration on one of the walls, spread in one corner lanterns are lit with candles and an oasis with a table designed Arabesque style of the oriental atmosphere welcomes guests at the entrance to the house.
    • Clothing rooms: with golden touches and an oriental-style chair, with wardrobes decorated with a distinctive oriental signature.

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