Megan Markle's House Is On Sale For $ 1.4 Million

Megan Markle's House Is On Sale For $ 1.4 Million

    Megan Markle House Is On Sale For $ 1.4 Million

     The famous American actress Meghan Markle has been living permanently at Nottingham Cottage at the Kensington Palace, the home of her fiancé Prince Harry, since their engagement was officially announced, making the Kensington Palace In London is her new home, after many years in which she lived in Toronto, Canada during her work in her famous series "Suits".

    $ 1.4 million for a house rented by Megan Markle

    In the city of Toronto, Megan was living in a beautiful house on a rent in the residential area of ​​Seaton Village, but she completed her lease, moved to London permanently, and now there are new reports that the house where Megan has lived for the past few years is now on sale At a price of 800 thousand pounds sterling, equivalent to one million and 395 thousand dollars.

    The Megan Markle House in Toronto is located in a prestigious suburb

    According to Globe and Mail news, the house where Meegan Marckel was located in Toronto is located on the quiet Yarmouth Street in the exclusive residential district of Seaton Village, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and elegant interior design in white and color tones Gray, and attached to the house a beautiful garden Megan used to host summer barbecues for her friends and family, as well as a small play area where Megan Alvin, Bogart and Guy used to play.

    Decision to ban journalists and fans from entering the house

    The real estate company, which has the task of selling the house, must verify the identity of those who want to buy first before allowing them to enter the house in order to avoid the influx of large numbers of journalists or fans inside the house to watch the house from the inside in search of purposes for Megan or her fiance Prince Harry who used to visit her at home.

     Interior Design : Megan Markle's house is on sale for $ 1.4 million