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Luxury Bedrooms For Couples

8 Luxury Bedroom Designs For Couples

When couples choose luxurious bedrooms with modern decoration, their taste may vary to the point of contradiction, causing some skirmishes that are not without one attempt to impose their preferences on the other. It is true that the majority of males do not pay attention to the "decorations" of the marital bedrooms, no matter how luxurious, but must give the husband enough space to express his opinion in the space that will occupy.

It is known that the wife dreams of an example of luxury bedrooms romantic character and pulse in her feminine touches, which makes the husband feel that this place does not belong to him. Therefore, this room must be designed together, following the rules of the decorator Omar Awini:
1. Furniture: Both bed and cupboards are painted in neutral colors (gray, for example), to choose the design with the masculine lines, while avoiding the circular and engraved tables. The female element goes into detail, such as a roll-in bed if desired. My eyes refer to the idea of ​​male-dominated tyranny over the room, that women are almost permanently loving change, unlike men. In view of the decoration bedroom luxury non-renewable every season, it is necessary to choose colors and designs neutral for the basics, with infinite feminine touches in the viable elements of renewal from time to time, without the cost prohibitive.
2. Colors: If you want to use the color white, be aware that it reflects other colors in the room, if the latter strong, the female character will print the bedroom decorations. In this context, a floral chair, with a white wardrobe and a bed, can not be used to decorate matrimonial bedrooms, as this would make the rooms look like Barbie doll rooms. In contrast, mixing white with neutral colors, such as gray. In contrast, black and gray do not reflect the color added to them, and there is no objection to the use of black and white in the room, with the joyful colors of the "accessories."
It is worth noting that the combination of brown wood furniture and beige "accessories" satisfy the sexes, with the addition of feminine color as gold on a simple piece (lighting unit, for example).
3. Bathroom attached to the bedroom: The colors of the bathroom can follow those of the room, whether light or dark. It is also desirable to achieve the contrast between the colors of the two areas.
Will you apply the advice to choose a luxurious bedroom decor for you and him? Share your opinion ...

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