Kids Bedrooms With Two Beds For Small Spaces

Kids Bedrooms With Two Beds For Small Spaces

    Two beds for kids small bedrooms

    The presence of two children in the house requires a room to accommodate them, each of them must have a bed of his own, but with the small room spaces become a problem in the exploitation of space, so there are some practical ideas that make attractive designs suitable for small spaces, The time is elegant and loving to children, and these ideas are nothing more than a suitable design for the two beds with smart ideas to exploit the rest of the space.

    Two beds for small spaces

    1 - children's room in light brown

    The two rooms were designed in soft wood, with a very thin staircase that does not occupy any space. The other part of the room was also used to put a wooden desk and a small chair in the coffee color. The wall was used to hang three baskets on it. Games and small things are put in them.

    2. Red and white children's room

    This room is suitable for both males and females. It is made up of two beds, one of which is longitudinal and the other is on top of it. The internal part is used to be a library for the development of books and study tools, with a white ladder. Side wall color to make the room more lively.

    3 - children's room in white and coffee

    The design of this room is one of the most suitable rooms for the very small spaces. Two small white beds were designed, one was placed longitudinal and the other one was used to be a box with several drawers used as a wardrobe. As an office with a white chair as well.

    4- Children's room in white

    The room is designed in a horizontal way. The space is used under the upper bed to be a library with books and some games. At the bottom of both beds are large drawers for dressing.

    5- Children's room in green

    The room is designed in the form of a drawer to use to put things in it, and beside the bottom bed there is a small office in white, with a chair in green, Next to it is a small green wardrobe.

    6- Children's room in dark blue

    Children's bedroom is suitable for males because it is designed in dark blue, making it a good choice for every mother with two male children. The design of the two beds above each other makes them suitable for the small room space, and a wooden ladder of the same color is hung between the two beds. Area of ​​land.

    7- Children's room in black

    A room for the male children in black, suitable for the space of the narrow rooms, the two beds were designed one on top of the other, with a wooden ladder of the same black color. Behind the beds there is a small library with a desk with a small chair. The white is used to reduce the blackness of the black.

    8. Children's room in pink

    The children's room is suitable for females. It was designed in light pink and pink. The left side was used to put two beds in a longitudinal way, and above them were four bookshelves. On the right side, an office was placed in the center with a pink chair, .

    9. Children's room in dark brown

    This room is suitable for males because it is designed in dark brown and is made up of two small beds, one above the other, with a ladder hanging between them not reaching the ground. Beside the beds there is a short wardrobe with a number of drawers, light brown, To the yellow of the walls, to reduce the strength of dark brown.

    10-room wooden children's light brown

    Children's room consists of two beds, one on top of the other, in the form of a small box, the lower bed is smaller than the upper in terms of length, where the empty space between the two beds was used as a wardrobe with a white facade with clothes and some books. The same color as light brown beds, this room is suitable for both sexes.