Home Design: Paint Or Wallpaper?

Home Design: Paint Or Wallpaper?

    For "home decorations": paint or wallpaper?

    In home decorating, there is an important role to play in the paint or wallpaper. A good choice of color and attractive design leads to the decoration of the narrow room looking spacious or suggesting a low ceiling or vice versa.
    Interior decoration engineer Areej Sadaqa Attar The readers of "Madam Net" are looking for help points in choosing the paint or wallpaper in the "decorations", as follows:

    For home decorations: paint or wallpaper?

    1. Wallpaper

    Among the most commonly used materials recently, due to its fast installation. The choice of light-colored wallpaper makes the room look larger than it really is. The use of small-walled wallpaper gives the impression of a wide range, while wallpaper with vertical lines suggests a ceiling.

    • The presence of a layer of spray paint on the walls requires the peeling of the latter, its sandpaper and its paste, before installing the wallpaper.
    • Exposing the walls to direct sunlight or extreme heat, such as the outer entrance walls of the house or those facing a huge window, causes the colors of the wallpaper to be stained, cracked and damaged.
    • Walls that are constantly exposed to high humidity, such as water cycles or "sea chalets," constantly open windows and doors, prevent the wallpaper from being dampened by wet air.
    • High walls in places exposed to high temperatures, such as the kitchen walls, especially those adjacent to the gas stove, damage the walls and cracking, making it unsafe because it is flammable.

    2. Wall paint

     Many are chosen for its lower material cost, compared to wallpaper. However, it is difficult to use this option in the following circumstances:
    • Short time implementation of home design.
    • The occupants of the house complained of allergies in the chest. The odor of the paint is pungent during application, and it continues after several days.
    • The desire for color is difficult to find or mix in paint companies, so furniture is suitable, making the resort to wallpaper preferred, so as to shorten the time and ensure the desired result.
    • To suggest the wide space, making the choice of wallpaper three-dimensional preferred, unlike the painting on the walls, which requires time, effort and high cost ...