Home Decorations Take Minds By Moooi

Home Decorations Take Minds By Moooi

    15 Home Decorations Take Minds By Moooi

    Today we will offer you through this article, a variety of decorations, from the famous Dutch moooi, which is one of the most luxurious companies that work in interior design, as its designs were characterized by the reliance on photographs, and dazzling art paintings that are part "She is always keen to have the pictures and paintings of a large size, pointing to the perspective of its founders, that when the interior design meets ... and artistic photography and pray, creating the perfect balance between two of the worlds inspirational and elegant, and Also depends on modern furniture Very sophisticated, which takes the minds of the intensity of elegance, and all these elements have made different designs quite distinct from other

    Home Decorations Designed By Moooi

    Who is its founder
    Behind this distinction stands a very creative man, Marcel Vanders, who, in the course of twenty-seven years, has designed many very distinctive decorations since the beginning of his career in 1995 when he opened his studio in Amsterdam and gained international attention after Only one year, in 2001 he co-founded (Moooi).
    Modern seating area with light colors
    A small, modern-style seating area, made up of two shades in heavenly color, another light-brown sofa, and a small table with wood, with white walls, painted in black humor.

    Small living room
    A small living room with two small orange sofas and another small white sofa, with a very small coffee table and white walls engraved with a circle ring with exquisite artwork.

    Small benches with large picture on the walls
    There are two small size seats in the modern style in white, embossed in gray, and in the background we see a large, very large, full-size tapestry that occupies the entire wall area, a picture of a little girl standing in her back, wearing a half-brown dress, simplicity.

    Modern seating area in wonderful colors
    Here we have a large bedroom with a bed, behind which is a black wall engraved with a wonderful painting. The room also has a modern seating area, consisting of a sofa and dark brown table, and two small-size orange chairs.

    Luxurious bedroom
    The bedroom is a combination of luxury and modern, with black walls, a bright yellow bed, a stylish white fur seat and a small beige table. Also, the walls are decorated with a large, modern, elegant style.

    Small sofa in gray
    Here we see a medium-sized, light-gray ivory, and in the background we paint brown walls, decorated with a very large pebble in size, of a small child wearing a black suit, which looks on the heels of strength and rigidity.

    The decor is very elegant
    A stylish sofa in orange, and at the back the wall is heavily decorated to a lady, wearing the veil in an attractive and different manner.

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