DIY: Wonderful CD / DVD Interior Design Ideas

DIY: Wonderful CD / DVD Interior Design Ideas

    Modern decoration ideas using CDs

    Every home has a large collection of CDs. These discs are no longer used, because they are outdated, obsolete or no longer needed, and we start to dispose of these disks, or dump them in the trash, while we can use them in the modern decoration of homes .

    CD Modern Design Ideas

    A collection of modern and distinctive decorative ideas, which have been used CDs, and these disks have been used in many of the ideas, and among these ideas some forms of wall decorations such as comments, tabloids and clocks, as well as forms of wax holders , As well as ideas for chandeliers and distinctive lighting, and other modern ideas

     Creativity using CDs
     Wall-mounted CD design idea
     A candles-holder decoration using Computer CD 
     Coordinating CDs and DVDs for beautiful home
     CD used for wall design
     CD and lights would be an creative idea to makeup home

    Clock-shaped CD design idea

     Chandelier made by old CD