Decoration of simple gypsum ceilings

Decoration of simple gypsum ceilings

    Decoration of simple gypsum ceilings

    The decoration of simple gypsum ceilings always depends on the clear lines and geometric shapes, and despite the simplicity of their designs, they remain attractive elements within the decor of the room, hiding the lighting and heating pipes and air conditioning within them and make different levels within the ceiling instead of the level and level.

    Simple gypsum ceiling decorations:
    • Simple lines: The decoration of simple gypsum roofs depends on the clear geometric lines away from curves, random shapes and flow lines, but rather sharp angles or clear circular shape, rectangle squares.

    •  There is no decoration: in this type of ceilings there are no works of art such as soft decoration, which we used to see in the classical decorations.

    • Hidden lighting: Gypsum ceiling always carries hidden lighting within its prominent angles, where we benefit from lighting with simple elements without the need to choose distinctive and attractive forms of ordinary lighting devices such as chandeliers and lamps.

    • White color: White is mostly used in gypsum decoration of simple ceilings and its degrees such as pastry, beige, earth colors.

    Touches to make the decoration of the simple gypsum ceiling look amazing:

    - Choose an attractive color instead of white.

    - Reliance on a simple geometric shape but with traditional slanting lines.

    - The simple ceiling can be made slightly tilted to create a slight difference in height that allows for lighting and air conditioning

    Interior Design : Decoration of simple gypsum ceilings