Bedrooms With Elegant Hotel Designs

Bedrooms With Elegant Hotel Designs

    9 Bedrooms With Elegant Hotel Designs

    We are always impressed by the design of bedrooms in hotels and resorts, which are designed with innovative ideas inside the homes by choosing what suits the spaces and taste of different colors and trends of art, and vary between luxury designs or simple decoration and colors, or contrasting colors that create harmony and attractiveness, designs Wood Overpowered bedroom furniture in dark colors In many shapes and spaces, parquet is the most widely used in the world of large luxury hotels as it gives a luxurious touch and warmth.

    • Royal design: a wonderful hotel room suitable for villas and palaces that provide large areas of the bedroom, the room design ceiling suspended woodwork with wide gypsum cornice, with a distinctive bed in the middle of the wall decoration with a comfortable sitting next to the bed more than the beauty round table with blue carpets predominant blue On the room furniture.

    • Simple room: Decorated with wallpaper, which is famous for its modern decoration, which was chosen here with modern design and white and red colors, which matched the floor carpets of the same color, the design of the very simple bed of black satin is striking.

    • White Room: Luxurious design for a spacious bedroom with a geometric decoration with modern lighting and translucent white curtains, with matching beige and brown furnishings for bed and carpet, the brown furniture with mirrors gave the room more spaciousness and elegance.

    • Wooden style: clearly visible in the luxurious parquet flooring with wooden furniture and new cornice decor making a harmonious combination together, the design of the low-bodied natural brown wooden serpent with beautiful wooden bamboo chairs with hotel decoration.

    • Black and yellow: Recycled black color with beautiful contrast Beautifully used in many of the elements in the room design, yellow and black paint with the yellow upholstered back of the bed on the carpet of the room, combining the two colors in a modern fashion, attractive black furniture.

    • Classic design: luxurious and elegant, this style gives it a lot of taste. The golden bedrooms are charming, with white color in the furniture, reflecting the beauty and tranquility that can be found in a hotel bedroom in your own home, with a choice of parquet flooring to emphasize the classic footprint.

    • Sea room: The design of the resort on the shores of the seas and oceans reflects a sense of tranquility and recreation can be quoted in the bedroom with simple ideas beautiful, wooden furniture with the design of the skin of the bed with dimmed modern lights next to a large size aquarium and blue lights to sleep and get rid of insomnia.

    • Modern style: simplicity in beautiful colors, combining light brown and light yellow, which is suitable for the bedrooms, each piece in the bedroom with modern design as we see in the design of the transparent and brown white curtains, with a distinctive wooden background for the simple bed, side lights with carpeted room same idea .

    • Rustic Style: Rustic design in small resorts Back in the classic wooden bed design with outstanding chiffon curtains, simple wooden cabinet with tractor design with green accessories and side lights.