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Beautiful Ceiling Designs In An Eastern Style

Beautiful Ceiling Decorations In An Eastern Style

Beautiful Ceiling Designs In An Eastern Style
If you love the eastern style in the interior decoration of your home, choosing the ceiling design in this way makes the room a special place to bring you back the beautiful time with its decorations or Quranic verses that can be seen on it, small domes and other details that make the ceiling of the room an eastern Islamic character Special as we will see the pictures we have chosen for you.

Oriental style in the design of ceilings

🏕 The decoration: soft and well-made and that indicate the professionalism of high, can be on the edges of the roofs in the shape of a bar in the ocean or in the middle of the space where the suspension of the chandelier or to include the entire ceiling according to design and desire. It is either gypsum or colored in multiple colors.
🏕 Graphics: The art that depicts nature or persons and gives place to suggest old palaces can be on wood or plaster.
Beautiful Ceiling Designs In An Eastern Style
🏕 Engineering forms: known as the Islamic architecture, which consists of decoration and design of the roof of gypsum or even wood.
🏕 Islamic touch: the use of forms that reflect the ancient Islamic architecture, such as semi-domes very small and designed with perfection sometimes include decorations as we will see pictures.
🏕 Qabb: in the middle of the room, often containing drawings or decorations or colors, and what is simple.
- Quranic verses: which can be depicted on the edge of the ceiling in ancient and distinctive Arabic script that reflect a form of ancient Islamic architecture.
Beautiful Ceiling Designs In An Eastern Style

Roofing materials

  • Wood: One of the oldest materials used in the designs of the roofs, the most beautiful forms are the Vintage, which looks a little foot gives the vacuum a distinctive touch and reflect the dignity and special, which contains drawings.
  • Gypsum: It is flexible and accepts various ornaments, shapes and designs.

Ceiling Designs

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